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Worlds' Finest #10

Some Things You Can Change, Some Things You Can't...

Worlds' Finest is upon us once more, and this issue is using the death of Damian to give itself a sales boost. I dislike this series as you will well know, but I did read the preview, and it shows a close encounter between Batman and Huntress, and I have to admit that the idea of these two meeting does hold some intrigue. How odd would it be to meet your potential father or daughter from another dimension? Still, I have very mild hopes for this issue since Worlds' Finest seems to squander everything that threatens to make it interesting. There is also the whole “Michael Holt” returning thing which makes no sense but surely must be explored in this issue. Will this issue be the point at which Worlds' Finest turns things around to become one of DC's best series, or is this just one more comic to go in the stack of disastrous issues that the creative team has thus far produced?

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In this issue, Power Girl starts taking apart Michael Holt's business one natural disaster at a time while Huntress investigates his motivations by breaking into his personal files.

What Is This? Quality?

I am just going to come right out and say it. This was by far the best issue of Worlds' Finest I have ever read.

This issue actually had genuine humor, emotion, and chemistry, and it even had a plot that did not suck to boot. Power Girl's plan to make her attacks on Holt Industries look like natural disasters was clever, amusing, and gave us some insight into Power Girl's personality. Sure, the way she screwed things up is rather embarrassing, but it was a mistake that both she and the writer realized. This is a million times better than the awful Worlds' Finest #4 where Power Girl repeatedly made decisions that would have killed dozens if not hundreds of people in the name of protecting the environment. When Huntress learns about Damian, the emotional blow actually lands despite their admittedly forced bond established for no other reason than to lead to this scene, but despite the half-hearted set up in issues six and seven, a good scene is still a good scene, and this one worked. The chemistry between the leading ladies which has always been the series' strongest suit is better here than it is in most of the series, and both Power Girl and Huntress actually play important roles in the story instead of Helena getting in over her head only to be rescued by Kara. Finally, the story, while simple and short, is entertaining and has no obvious flaws.

I am still a long, long way from being sold on this series, but if stories of this caliber would continue, I at least would not feel so foolish for shelling out the money for it every month.

Bat Droppings

1. Finally after nine agonizing issues, Worlds' Finest has an artist who actually stays on the issue from start to finish. While reading the issue, I kept waiting for a jarring art style change, and when it never came, I had to look it up, and sure enough, one guy is handling the whole thing at least for this issue, Kevin Maguire (former cover artist for L.E.G.I.O.N and current artist for Worlds' Finest) I have no idea if Maguire will be doing the series by himself from now on, but I certainly hope that they stop switching artists in the midst of issues.

2. Power Girl almost makes it through the issue without showing off her boobs. Her outfit remains undamaged, but she does were lingerie in one panel, steps I guess.

3. I am ready for something to challenge Kara physically. Though I enjoyed her part in the comic this time, it was from a comedy and character perspective and not an edge of your seat excitement perspective.

4. I still find it odd that this team book never shows the duo acting as a least in combat.

5. I love Power Girl's self deprecating grimace at the top of page six. It's quite endearing.

6. At the top of page seven, Huntress' mask makes her shadow appear like that of Batman. I am sure Maguire is not the first artist to have portrayed that, but this is the first time I have noticed. Interesting.

(Spoilers until Conclusion)

7. Helena thinks, “If there is an afterlife, may we go hunting there some day...” It's a nice sentiment if perhaps a bit campy, but I can't help but wonder at this scenario. Is Huntress an actual hunter because I cannot see Batman raising her to shoot deer. I mean, she hunts criminals, and no doubt, Damian and Helena would both love to do that type of hunting in paradise, but are we picturing a Heaven full of criminals to beat into submission? That's an odd vision of the afterlife.

8. I cannot imagine Holt Industries even reporting this crime much less leaving Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres behind. (I almost said T-Balls and then I realized why DC decided they should call them T-Spheres)

Conclusion 8/10

I am not holding my breath on the next issue being any good, but I've got to give credit where credit is due. This is a solid issue, and anybody who has been wanting to give this series a try could not possibly find a better issue than this. If you are interested in Worlds' Finest and have some spare change, pick this issue up and check it out.

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

How did this get a 4 star, it must have jumped in quality.

Posted by BatWatch

Way, way better. I would elaborate, but I pretty much said it already in the review.

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