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The Worldbreaker was originally forged along with Mjolnir, but was created to encase the spirit of Nul, the Breaker of Worlds. Nul was a creature of destruction that the very air caused him extreme pain and left him nothing, but a creature of rage. Odin's brother, Cul was able to trap Nul in the Worldbreaker and then have an avatar encase the power of Nul for his armies. The Worldbreaker was left in the far reaches of Asgard until Cul summoned it along with other hammers to bring his "Worthy" back and rebuild his armies. The Worldbreaker sought out and transformed the Hulk due to the Hulk's inner rage that fueled him like Nul. The Hulk was able to break Nul's grib on him due to illusions of his wife Betty, that the Forgiven of the Vampire Nation cast on him. The Hulk smashed the Worldbreaker and freed himself, but in doing so, freed Nul from the hammer's prison. It was also later revealed that the Worldbreaker was completely destroyed, but left in pieces in which the Forgiven had claimed it. After a brief battle with the Secret Avengers and the Vampire Nation. Valkyrie was given the hammer, but not before the Thrule Society was able to place a tracer with the fragments to be sought out later.

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