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The World Watch was originally a loose knit group of heroes who came together to fight a common foe, after spending much of their careers as solo heroes. The original group consisted of War Woman, Dead Head, Iron Cross, Seer, Martin, Nighthammer, Ecto-lass, Dr Gulliver and Tiger Princess. They were sanctioned as a group after their battled with Atomika in London. 
After a while many heroes left the team, leaving only Tiger Princess, Dr Gulliver and War Woman as original members. However, they soon filled the ranks, and the World Watch was once again a fully functional team.  
They battled a variety of villains, as well as dealing with conflict from within the team, especially the tensions between Interloper and War Woman, as well as the dissolution of the marriage between Tiger Princess and Dr. Gulliver, however, the team continued to operate.

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