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The war rages on, extending from the far reaches of space, where Supergirl encounters a missing hero, to the darkest depths of the ocean, where the fate of Aquaman is revealed.

A recap is given over how when a Zeta Beam was used to return the heroes to Earth during the Crisis, something went wrong. Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Starfire disappeared. Firestorm and Cyborg fused together. Red tornado blew up. And Supergirl was lost in time. She has returned, changed.

Week 50, Day 4

J'onn is still out in space trying to regroup after his confrontation with Black Adam. He observes several different incidents on Earth. Supergirl approaches him with, what he notes, a darkness choking her heart. She passes through him which causes J'onn pain and she passes out, falling to Earth. Landing in Metropolis, Supergirl is unconscious in a big crater.

J'onn tries dealing with the pain of the images of death in his mind. He tries to focus and looks back to Earth to try to find something to anchor onto.

In Gotham City, Harvey Dent is fighting Killer Croc after Croc was about to eat a girl. Dent comments on how Batman's gone and he's keeping Gotham clean now. Grabbing a broken bottle, he jams it into Croc's head. Moving around back of Croc, Dent grabs him around the neck to cause him to pass out.

Watching this fight on the rooftop is Batgirl and Deathstroke. Deathstroke asks her how does it feel to see that when Batman left, he didn't ask her to take care of Gotham. He comments how Batman trusts Harvey Dent over her. He says Batman is just keeping her close because he knows what she is and was born to be. He says they all need a place to belong. She knows where to find him once she makes her decision.

Martian Manhunter feels Harvey trying to convince himself that he didn't enjoy the pain he cause Killer Croc. He's disgusted over Deathstroke playing with Batgirl's feelings of abandonment to try to turn her. He is still confused with all the thoughts in his head. J'onn tries to find a reason why he should continue to care.

In Pisa, Italy, the Doom Patrol is getting demolished by Black Adam. Booster Gold appears saying it's not the right time, he's too early and disappears. Robotman gets his head knocked off by Adam.

In Sydney, Australia, Donna Troy, in Wonder Woman's garb, is distressed over the destruction. She notes that there isn't much she can do there. She plans on heading to Pisa to see what lies there. She contacts Beast Boy to tell him to be careful with his team. They are all young and too many innocents have been killed already.

In Sub Diego, Aquaman has summoned the water gods to find out why the human inhabitants suddenly can no longer breathe underwater. They laugh at him and his talk of war against them if they do not help. He mentions that his friends are not limited to just the ocean. They agree to give him the power to save the city but there will be a price. He will be transformed into "one akin to a great and terrible enemy" of his people. The city is raised, the people are saved, and Aquaman is transformed. J'onn notes that Aquaman's mind is now lost, perhaps forever.

J'onn sees other events occuring. He sees Donna Troy helping to save innocents trapped in rubble, people mourning the death of others, Black Adam still on his rampage, the young Teen Titans preparing to fight, Captain Marvel, Jr. trying to get up after getting beaten down, and an old man fighting his fear to try to help the unconscious Supergirl still in the crater. J'onn starts to remeber human emotions such as love, hate, good, evil, hope, despair, etc. These aspects of human nature is what he struggled with when he first arrived. He now realizes that if he is to continue to live among humans, he has to stop this destruction.

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