World War The Hulk Movies.

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I hope that Planet Hulk carry into a World War Hulk movie. Hope it does lead to World War Hulk and that would be cool. As I know that all of you as excited as I for a World War Hulk. I want to know what do you think about World War Hulk Movies.    
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i dont want to hope for it, but i read an interview way back with the makers of the animated Planet Hulk movie
and the World War Hulk animated sequel to it is what theyre shooting for. so lets hope sales are great on the 
Planet Hulk one. as well, something that not everyone knows, but those animated movies are used as a testing 
grounds for how a live action might do (take the Wonder Woman, Dr.Strange, Green Lantern, ect). so if you support
your character and/or storyline getting to a live action film, buy up those animated ones kiddies.

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