together or seperated?

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folks is the new hulk(i mean wwh hulk)is savage hulk persona or bruce banner completely emerge with his alter ego?i think wwh hulk is not only hulks horrific rage,also bruce banners wish to revenge and hatred against illuminati and all people who fears and hates him...that is my opinion,what do you say?

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good thought, he looks like he actually thinks (hulk) lol...anyways i guess your right.

btw nice pic!

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thank you my friend:) i just draw to entertain myself,but like i said i have no education,please be merciful on me;) thank you by the way... people does not approve hulk character or the story act but think about it:even animals became fearless when they are cornered.hulk lost his everthing he has accomplished,right now there is no creature dangerous than him,i think bruce banners wish to revenge make him completely emerge with his alter ego hulk...

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