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Hulk is coming and no power on Earth can stop him from getting revenge on the Illuminati! What events have led up to the super-human battle-to-end-all-battles? As Hulk’s great stone ship approaches the planet, he prepares for the war on the horizon by reliving past conflicts with Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and the Inhumans. This is the perfect jumping-on point for this summer’s super hero-smashing, city-leveling, bone-crushing, Marvel history-making event!

The Hulk and his Warbound crew fly through space towards Earth. Hulk stands on the outside of the ship like a hood ornament. A species of space scavengers see the ship and decide they must have it. They figured taking the ship and killing everyone on board would be no problem. They were wrong. Hulk tears them apart. As he fights, beats, and slashes at them, he's seeing the Illuminati in his mind: Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and Black Bolt. One by one, he dispatches the "Illuminati" until the aliens are gone. Two of his War-bound come out to join him, Brood and Korg. Hulk is so enraged, he still sees his enemy. He grabs Brood by the neck and is about to go for the kill when he realizes what is happening. Hulk is ashamed for the first time in his life.

On Earth, Jennifer Walters walks into her motel room to find Doc Samson waiting in there. She's not too happy to see him even if the last time she did, she punched him across the state. She cannot believe that he's working against Hulk and using their friendship to meet Reed Richards wishes.

On the ship, the War-bound are concerned that Hulk almost killed Brood and Korg. They are not sure if he will be able to tell the difference between them and his enemies when the battle comes. Hiroim says he will deal with it and leaves them.

Hulk wants to be left alone but Hiroim persists. He says they must speak. He talks to him of his anger and trying to focus on his enemies, to use his anger as an asset. If he can control it, he can use it to destroy all his enemies. That's music to Hulk's ears.

Jennifer and Samson continue to talk. She is upset that Tony Stark and Reed have simply sent her cousin off planet without giving him a trial. She mentions, Casus Belli," which is Latin for "the incident that provides a reason for going to war." She says when Hulk gets back, it's going to be trouble. Samson says he's not coming back. He mentions that it was Hulk that first started the "war" when he attacked the Fantastic Four (when they were called in to investigate a saboteur).

On the ship, Hulk and Hiroim meditate and Hulk tells of the same encounter with the Fantastic Four. He mentions that Richards was a colleague of Banner's. Richards was so smug and just wanted to take Hulk down. He was the one to take down the saboteur but the Fantastic Four got the credit.

Next the talk on Earth goes to Iron Man and how Tony Stark tired to find him a cure and risked his life to deal with Hulk when the cure failed. Hulk mentions to Hiroim that Stark has always hated him from the beginning. He quickly believed that the Hulk was causing trouble when Loki tricked the Avengers and when Space Phantom pulled the same stunt.

Eventually they talk of Black Bolt. Hulk says that he is the only one that could stop him with his voice. Hiroim gets the idea that they need to take Black Bolt out first and wave him around to the others so they know that Hulk will not be stopped.

Jennifer finally tells Samson to leave. She says she will not help them when he returns and starts World War Hulk. Then she gets a sudden premonition and somehow knows that he actually is on his way.

A humorous tale of a secret meeting of the Illuminators (as Hawkeye calls them) in the kitchen of the Avengers. They discuss sending Hulk off planet. Namor is against the idea (and maybe Black Bolt is, either that or he wants to play rock-paper-scissors). Namor is finally able to convince them that it would be bad karma until the Hulk arrives and eats his sandwich. Hulk is sent out and lands on Sakaar. Eventually he is headed back to Earth.

Amadeus Cho is speaking with a women, Agent Sexton, who wants to bring him in. He says he doesn't trust her because she just blew up his house. She says it was the enemy. Because he is the seventh smartest person alive, they want him working for them. He says he can't trust her at this time. She says to take his time and stay out of site while she proves he can trust her.

Cho is in a diner when the waitress discovers he has a coyote pup (whose mother was just hit by a car) in his jacket. There was a news report about him on the television too and a man eating at the counter seems to be taking an interest in the exchange between Cho and a an officer.

The officer makes a grab for him and Cho makes his own move. He blasts his music player, spits a lemon seed at the officer through a straw, throws pepper in his face and topples a shelf of pies. He heads outside and hops on his scooter. The officer calls for backup saying he was the kid on the television. A copter begins to chase him so he angles his side mirror to blind them. A missile was released from the copter heading towards the man who was at the counter.

When the dust from the explosion clears, the Hulk is coming out of the crater created. Standing over Cho, the kid tries telling Hulk it wasn't his fault. Hulk says he knows. He picks up another missile that hadn't exploded and throws it back at the copter.

Later Amadeus and Hulk are off alone. Cho has to eat after "thinking that hard" and Hulk asks him what Banner said to him at the diner. Cho tells him he said, "Don't be stupid." Hulk says that Banner is weak, not like them. As Hulk leaves, Amadeus calls Agent Sexton. Behind her are screens showing outside the diner. She tells him it "wasn't them." He says he doesn't care but he's coming for them.

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Okay, now, before I write anything, this is my first review. i'm not a professional reviewer and I don't buy a lot of comics. If you don't like it, then whatever. Cut me some slack.I thought this issue was okay. I didn't read Planet Hulk, but I still understood what was going on. I liked how Hulk got so pissed off, and I'm looking forward to him kicking the crap out of the Illuminati. I thought it could have been done a little better though. This isn't important. I want to see Hulk beating on Il...

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