dark_noldor's World of Warcraft #15 - Conflicting Loyalties review

Orcs/Human Alliance

Important - This is a review of issues # 15 to 21 - Fan or not of the game WOW, all fantasy genre enthusiastics should take a look at this comic book series, not only for the amazing dialogues and stories by Walter Simonson, but because it is a fantastic display of how the concept of magic, other races, the fantasy theme can be used in all medium, without getting boring or old dated. The art of Mike Bowden and Jon Buran, aided by Pop Mahn, is very precise, showing great armors, fascinating battles, explendid weapons and terrific characters: there are Orcs, Trolls, you name it. The most fascinating thing about WOW is how Simonson delivers great narrative, putting together and assembling characters, building up motives, backgrounds, introducing new characters, new missions, and all that allied with the great art, amazing battle scenes, few splashes or double page spread, beautiful colors, this is definitely a good comic book. I thought first that after the first two volumes, the collection of these seven issues would be a little disapointing, because Logosh now is King Varian, so I was a little fearful of how Simonson would continue to develop the plot, but he really managed to excell himself, by introducing new characters and threats, bringing back old faces and rocking with the dialogues. This is good stuff, highly recommended!
4.5 out 5

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