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The Girl Who Fell

We had red hair, and he had the temper that went along with it! And this was another of those mornings after a flare-up when he always found himself regretting last night's impetuous act!

It's Harmless ... I Think

This is the cafeteria of the Science Foundation Building! These men are all brilliant, working in various phases of scientific research! These men are not superstitious and the symbols and signs that embellish superstition should be considered ridiculously harmless to such men! Yet, like them... we sometimes wonder! It's Harmless... I Think

Movie Maker (Text Only Story)

Spare Me, Please!

His cry was piteous... but fell on pitiless ears! Ears that were only attuned to the clink of gold and the rustle of money! Nobody listened when he begged his attackers to... Spare Me, Please!


Horace Roarke's astonishing invention was sure to bring him glory and fortune! His sister-in-law, Muriel, saw in Horace all the things she wanted her husband to be, until they were confronted by the unexpected dilemma of the... Quarantine!

Handsome Harry's Wife!

Helen, the heiress, was the plainest girl in town... and Harry was the local Don Juan... ruthless calculating, cold! And of such elements is tragedy made!

The Phantom of the Farm!

He flitted through the darkness, a shadow himself! A menacing figure without human fear or human weakness! No wonder they quailed before... The Phantom of the Farm!







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