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Born on the planet Lexicon, while still a toddler craws on a spaceship in the Lexicon Space Force, falling asleep when she awakes she gives the pilot, a monkey by the name of Captain Huggy Face, such a fright that he crashes the ship on Earth near Fair City.

Somehow or other, despite the fact that he can't talk and everyone thinks he is just a monkey, Captain Huggy Face is able to have the girl taken in by the Botsford family who adopt her giving her the Becky Botsford, they also take in Captain Huggy Face calling them Bob.

By the age of 10 and a half and unknown to her adopted family which by that time includes T.J. her young human brother, Becky develops superpowers, including flight, super strength, and speed, and the ability to stop clocks and freeze time for a few minutes each day so she can delay bed time, because of Earth atmosphere, and creates the identity of WordGirl (yes there is no space between "word" and "girl") who protects Fair City from the likes of the Butcher a criminal who can fire any type of meat from out of seeming nowhere, Dr. Two Brains a mad scientist who would be a nice guy, save for the evil cheese hungry mouse brain that has been fused with his brain, master thief Granny May, robot builder and fellow 10 year old boy genius Tobey McCalister, super strong and dull witted Whammer, Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, Birthday Girl, Lady Redundant Woman, Ms Question, and Mr. Big.

WordGirl also has a very massive enhanced vocabulary and like showing it off, Captain Huggy Face is know for his prodigious appetite, which comes in handy when they find themselves buried under a mound of kielbasa or briskets crated by the Butcher, or sandwiches by Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy or stuck in a giant birthday cake thanks to Birthday Girl.

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