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4 years before the Great Tokyo Earthquake, Ganta Igarashi was born to his mother; Sorae Igarashi (father unknown) for the purpose of being of human experiment for her experiments. Immediately, after his birth his mother's maternal instinct kicked in, and she couldn't bear the thought of making her child an experiment. Knowing that she couldn't give up her son Sorae replaced him with another child, who would turn out to be his future friend, Shiro.


At the beginning of the series Ganta was a normal schoolboy with a seemingly normal life, but after Ganta's is framed and sent to prison he becomes; confused, frighting and desperate to get out of his terrible situation. As the series progresses he shows more signs bravery, reliability, brashness, and he even becomes more adaptive to his current situation, while still showing signs of being a scared child.


Ganta has messy, black hair, some of which always stands up. Ganta has large, grey eyes and thick, short black eyebrows. His body is pretty normal for a boy his age, accept for the large red shard in the middle of his chest.

Before being sent to prison Ganta wore a standard school uniform; consisting of a white button up shirt and black pants. When sent to The Wonderland, Ganta wore a standard green prison jumpsuit with a collar. After being set free from Deadman Wonderland, Ganta is seen with a black shirt with a lone star on each shoulder and jean pants.


Prison Arc

10 year after the great Tokyo Earthquake, Ganta Igarashi is first seen at his middle school conversing with friends. Ganta then notices a mysterious figure in his classes window.

When the person noticed Ganta, it attack the entire class causing an explosion that knocks Ganta out. When Ganta awoke, he noticed the dead bodies of all of his classmates scattered all though the class. The Mysterious figure, or as Ganta recognized, The Red Man, shoots Ganta in the chest.

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