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The Flame's Plane

Each Wonderworld Comic is filled with 64 pages of stories ranges form Superheroes to Westerns. There are no adds so there is a lot of stories and a bunch of one and two page features. They are listed below.

Gail Martin
Queen of the Vampires
Shore Leave
  1. -Sport- Album. The Sport Album is a one page feature highlighting various athletes of the 1930's. The feature use to be later in the comic but in now on the back cover. Winged Wonders use to be the feature on the back cover but has been removed as a feature from this comic.
  2. The Flame. This time the Flame fights by air as he flies over a woman being kidnapped. He quickly lands his plane to investigate and finds the villain Doxol controlling humans with a serum he created. The Flame goes after him and ends up fighting Doxol in a dog fight presumably killing him
  3. Armstrong the Lumberjack. Armstong the Lumberjack is a humorous two page cartoon strip.
  4. Yarko the Great. Yarko helps Gail Martin stop jewel smugglers in this eight page story. The two end up having feelings fro each other.
  5. Shorty Shortcake. A six page story has Shorty traveling to Guatemala by boat. He is looking for suspicious thieves around the mines of a friend. He ends up finding the thieves on the very boat and they are on to him. They even try to kill him. The story ends on a cliff hanger but says the completion will be in next issue
  6. Patty O'Day. Patty and Ham go to film the newest American Battleship only to find a couple disguised as the Comet News team. The fake team are really spies and it is up to Patty and Ham to find and stop them in this six page espionage tale. Again Patty is able to stop them with the aid of English Eddie or Lord Mike. She is still unsure as the mysterious stranger leaves.
  7. Dr Fung. Dr. Fung and Dan Barrister stumble on a case that takes them to London and into the realm of the supernatural as they meet Anya Bishop; Queen of the Vampires. Anya is trying to get the Blood Stone so she can be out in the day. When she tries to prey on Dan while he is sleeping events lead to her Husband Luigi Bishop setting the castle on fire burning is down with Luigi, Anya and the Blood Stone still in it.
  8. Buddy learns about the pirate's weapons; Old Uncle Calab spins a yarn. The Captain Calab story is a written story as appose to a comic. It is a pretty tale told by old Captain Calab to his nephew. The whole story is two pages.
  9. Tex Maxon: Ambushing the Smoky Hill Stage. Bud Bently a friend of Tex Maxon is tempted to hold up the Smoky Hill Stage to pay for his father who is ill. Bud has a change of heart and Tex and Johnny Reed help stop the bandits.
  10. Wonders That Are True. A one page feature of curious things
  11. Don Quixote in Modern times. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza battle a Subway car in New York City in this two page Comic Strip.
  12. K-51. K-51 is investigating the explosions of three ships including the United States Battle Ship the U.S.S. Buffalo. This is done by a Radium Ray. The motives are never found out but thanks to Z-19 the Radium Ray is destroyed. It is in this issue that it is established that K-51 and Z-19 are engaged. However at the end of the five page tale K-51 is sent to New York and Z-19 is sent to England.
  13. Mob Buster Robinson. A four page story about what happens when Robinson is not in Capitol City. Robinson gets captured and the mob takes over. Even the national government won't get involved. Luckily Robinson escapes and puts things back in order
  14. Tom Barry. Tom Barry is a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In this one page story Barry capture's Blackie Morgan.
  15. Wonderworld Stamps Club. Wonderworld Stamps Club is a one page feature about collecting stamps.
  16. Movie Memos. Movie Memos is a one page feature sharing points about celebrities.
  17. Spark Stevens. This seven page story Has Spark and Chuck Lawton uncover a illegal mining operation where a man has killed the rightful owner to steal from the mine.

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