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Wonderweiss after he was created

The Arrancar Wonderweiss Margera makes his first appearance in bleach during his actual creation. He is the first Hollow to be shown to undergo the hollowfication process on screen. During his creation Wonderweiss is shown to be wrapped in bandages and even before his change into an arrancar, he appears to be completely humanoid in looks. Also upon his head was a silhouette like crown, the same type which appeared on the head of the vasto lorde, but whether or not Wonderweiss is one such being is currently unknown. Around Wonderweiss a barrier was placed, and many of the Espada were present during his creation. Using the powers of the Hougyoku, Aizen was able to bring it's power to one hundred percent by fusing it with the power of someone with twice the power as a captain, but it is unclear if he meant himself or Wonderweiss.

Wonderweiss playing with a dragonfly

During the third invasion of the Arrancar upon karakura town, Wonderweiss was one of those present, along with Grimmjow, Luppi and Yammy. During the invasion Wonderweiss showed to care very little about things, and instead got distracted by a dragonfly, which he played with during the fights. Yammy seemed notably annoyed by Wonderweiss being lost in a trance. Also Rangiku seemed confused as to whether or not she should kill Wonderweiss. The only time that Wonderweiss engages any of the shinigami is when Kisuke Urahaha arrives. Wonderweiss sneaks behind the former captain and attempts to steal his hat in which he seemed interested in, though he is driven back by Kisuke. Wonderweiss then attacks Kisuke with a bala, something which surprises them both. Soon after Yammy takes over and instead takes on Kisuke. Wonderweiss is then pulled back to hueco mundo

Wonderweiss wary of Ichimaru

Back at Hueco Mundo, during the invasion of Ichigo and his friends. Wonderweiss is with Kaname who is watching the movements of the intruders. The two seeming to have formed a bond. The two are then joined by Ichimaru who Wonderweiss stops because he seems wary of him, but soon lets go under the orders of Kaname, who explains to gin that two pure beings such as themselves are attracted to one another, though he dose not know is Wonderweiss is pure good or evil. Wonderweiss also manages to say tres as he wonders what they are when referencing the former Espada who have been demoted to three digit numbers, something which Tosen explains.

Wonderweiss arriving in fake karakura town

The next time Wonderweiss is seen is during the battle of fake karakura town, in which he makes an unexpected yet planned appearance during the heat of the battle. his arrival confusing all there. Accompanying him is a large hollow, which is the same that appeared when Aizen left soul society. As always Wonderweiss seems to be lost in thought, but son he appears behind the distracted Ukitake and impales him from behind with his hand. Shunsui then tries to attack but he himself is shot at point blank range by Starrk. The primera explains that Wonderweiss being here means Aizen has grown tired of the battle. Then Wonderweiss lets out a large cry that shatters the ice in which Harribel was encased in and blows away the smoke surrounding Barragan. Soon after Aizen, gin and Kaname escape only for the vizards to show up.

His words have meaning

Wonderweiss is next shown with his large companion, as usual making strange loud noises. Ichimaru remarks that he is ruining the mood and hates it when he is like that. In which Kaname responds with saying that his words have meaning, and that Ichimaru should watch. it is then that the large hollow opens its mouth and releases a large amount of Gillians. This act puts everyone except the vizards in shock who don there masks. The gillians are easily dealt with by the vizards. Wonderweiss just watches on, as he is kneeling with his large hollow. He is then confronted by Mashiro Kuna, whom he just stares at. Mashiro then uses her Mashiro kick to destroy the large hollow. Wonderweiss just stares on in amazement. Ichimaru then reveals that the large hollow was named Fura, and that it was Wonderweiss favorite. He then prepares to fire a cero, but Mashiro kicks him down to the ground. This prompts Mashiro to shout victory, and Gin to laugh and comment by saying poor thing. Wonderweiss is currently lying on the ground of Fake Karakura town.

Powers and abilities

Wonderweiss letting out a battle cry

The exact strength of Wonderweiss is unknown but from what has been shown so far he appears to be quite powerful as hinted at. Though not an espada is spirit power is ranked in the same class as them and seems to be quite high. Also his power seems not to match his personality much like Starrk. He can use the typical Hollow abilities such as bala and Sonido in which he seems to be a master in as he was able to take Urahara by surprise and appear behind Ukitake and impale him, showing his incredible strength as well. He can also use Garganta to move to other dimension. Wonderweiss also has an incredibly powerful voice, so powerful it shattered the ice surrounding Harribel. It should be noted that this was Hitsugaya's most powerful attack shown so far. Wonderweiss also seems to have control over the large hollow that was with him. Seemingly making it open its mouth and release the gillians. Recently Wonderweiss has also shown to be able to use cero, which he charges from his mouth. Its power has yet to be shown as it was stopped by Mashiro before Wonderweiss could fire it.

Zanpakuto - Its name is unknown and its resurrection also a mystery but unlike most other zanpakuto which appear as katanas. Wonderweiss has a large purple sword which is roughly the same size as him. The handle looks like a western long sword. So far Wonderweiss has yet use his Zanpakuto in battle.


Wonderweiss Margera

In terms of appearance Wonderweiss is very child like in appearance. He has medium length light blonde hair and large purple eyes. He is small and his figure is slender. His hollow mask takes the form of a three point tiara which rests upon his head. Like the other arancar Wonderweiss wears similar clothing including a long jacket with a hole in the middle, which also shows his hollow hole. The sleeves have cuffs at the tips. Wonderweiss has only two visible teeth and his face is covered with freckles.


Pure good or evil?

Much like his child like appearance, Wonderweiss is also child like in nature, just like Yachiru and nel Tu but his personality is much different than theirs. Wonderweiss often seems lost in thought and seems surprised quite alot. This is shown when he becomes fascinated with a dragonfly and Urahara's hat. Much rather focusing upon them than on the battles that were taking place. Wonderweiss also seems to have trouble speaking, and has only spoke successfully twice though the second time he seemed to be having trouble. He mostly makes "ohhhhh" and "ahhhh" sounds. Despite his innocent nature Wonderweiss has shown hostility, towards others as shown when he attacked Ukitake but such actions are either from his own mind or from orders. Kaname has also said that Wonderweiss is a pure being but it is not known if he is a being of pure good or evil.

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