wats up guys

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can i have a devil in a comic

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  1. I don't get the context of the question.

  2. What does this have to do with the "Invisible Plane?"

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The enemy's gate is down.

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nick says:

"can i have a devil in a comic"

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note the hidden message:

can i have adevil in a comic

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fesak says:

"note the hidden message:**can** i have **a** **d**evil in **a** comic"

Nice guess, but wrong. The hidden message is not random letters, but it is an anagram:

can i have a devil in a comicreally meansI'd live in a C.I.A. haven, Macco.

Very clever. Nick joins up just yesterday, and on the same day is sending messages to the C.I.A.! Gentleman, I believe (and I think you will all agree), that there is a C.I.A. conspiracy against comic books afoot!

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