Should the new wonder woman fly the invisible plane?

#1 Posted by moywar700 (2775 posts) - - Show Bio

why or why not.

#2 Posted by AmazingFantasy15 (258 posts) - - Show Bio

She shouldn't because it didn't make sense someone who can fly needs a plane.

#3 Posted by RyuHayabusa (2019 posts) - - Show Bio
#4 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10130 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe a reference to it, like they did Clash of the titans, with the golden owl.

#5 Posted by SupremeHyperion (1554 posts) - - Show Bio

what is the point of an invisible plane in the first place? I remember as a youngster wondering how dumb is that. maybe they should have given Flash a moped too.

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