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The show was initially based on the golden age comics where Wonder Woman battled a variety of threats during the Second World War. Despite its popularity, there was much discussion around renewing the series after the first year due to the high production costs of creating a series set in a different period. The solution was to change the setting of the series from the 1940s to the contemporary 1970s for the second season, with the same principal actors, though with Steve Trevor now being the nephew of the previous version of the character. The series at this time took on a format more consistent with the detective shows common at the time in the 1970s.

Cast and Crew

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was played by Lynda Carter and Steve Trevor was played by Lyle Waggoner. Additional cast included Norman Burton, Richard Eastham, Beatrice Colen and Sandra Sharp. Debra Winger made one of the early appearances in her career as Wonder Girl. The series was produced by Douglas S. Cramer, William Lloyd Baums, Bruce Lansbury, Charles B. Fitzsimmons and Mark Rodgers.

Theme Music

The theme music was composed by Charles Fox (music) and Norman Gimbel (lyrics) and featured the following lyrics in the first season:

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!

All the World is Waiting for you!

And the power you possess

In your satin tights

Fighting for your rights

And the old red, white and blue!

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!

Now the world is ready for you!

And the wonders you can do

Make a hawk and dove

Stop a war with love

Make a liar tell the truth!

Wonder Woman!

Get us out from under, Wonder Woman!

All our hopes are pinned upon you

And the magic that you can do

Stop a bullet cold

Make the Axis Fold

Change their minds and change the world!

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!

You're a wonder, Wonder Woman!


Due to her advocacy for LGBT rights, Lynda Carter later became an icon in the gay community. As a result, this show has led Wonder Woman to become associated as a gay icon through the association of Carter's most famous role. For instance, the theme song of the movie was included as a track in the movie "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar."

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