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One of DC's finest Animated films

Unlike Superman or Batman, Wonder Woman hasn't had any big screen theatrical films or a series of animated films. Instead for being one of the most recognizable characters in the world, she's only had one animated movie and it eclipses many of the other DC films. 
The story is that Steve Trevor ( Nathan Fillion ) crash lands on Themyscira after being shot down by enemy planes. There he finds himself in a land full of beautiful women, much to his happiness but after Diana ( Keri Russell ) catches up to him; she attacks and he defends himself and then tries to escape but she leaps on top of him and stops him. The main part of the plot is that Ares the God of War breaks out from his prison on Paradise Island and heads to the one person who can help him, his uncle Hades; God Of The Dead. 
The film is rated PG-13 which really does Wonder Woman justice because unlike Thor: Tales of Asgard, we see actual blood violence including a decapitation several minutes into the film. That's because it's directed by Lauren Montgomery who had shown in the past that she really could push to the limits of what she could do in these animated movies. For example, she directed Superman/ Batman Apocalypse which was a far step above Public Enemies and was the first DC Animated film to have a serious amount of blood violence.  
Like many have said the voice cast for this film isn't one of the better ones as many of the voices don't really match the bodies. Most notable is Alfred Molina who voiced Ares. Alfred Molina has a great voice but the problem is, he's not the right guy to be voicing Ares and so everytime he speaks, it just doesn't seem right and feels like somebody else should be reading those lines. Also giving somewhat of a mediocre job is Virginia Madsen ( Hippolyta ). The role was much better played by Susan Sullivan in Justice League. 
Despite that the majority of the cast isn't the best DC has assembled, the film does find good vocal talents in it's lead. Keri Russell is the voice of Wonder Woman and like the other voice actors for Wonder Woman, she is quite good. DC seems to care more about getting good voices for the role of Wonder Woman whereas they seem to not care very much about who they get for Superman. I like Keri Russell as Wonder Woman but she isn't good enough to be my favorite voice of Wonder Woman as I really liked Lucy Lawless as Diana in Justice League: The New Frontier and my favorite is Susan Eisenberg who played her in Justice LeagueNathan Fillion is the voice of Steve Trevor and easily gives the best performance as he is a big comic book fan and landing that role meant a lot to him. Ordinarily Steve Trevor isn't known for being much of a funny guy and I'm not sure if his birth place was always the south but despite the changes in the character, Nathan Fillion was a great choice of the role. There are several scenes of humor with him on Themyscira, like when he says crap and has to explain what it means and him calling Diana hot while sitting next to Artemis.  
Despite that some of the voices in the film weren't casted for the right roles, the film makes up for that with it's entertaining story, likable characters, and some really good action scenes. I expected nothing from the best from Bruce Timm and got nothing but the best in terms of story, action, and excitement. Though lacking in great voice acting did hurt the film.
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