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Without A rental 0

 I just got done watching this movie. I bought it without a rental, or even seeing a clip. The blu ray was on sale at Best Buy.  Glad I did it also. This is a very good movie. They should have released it to theaters. Even in a limited run. I bet the popularity would have grown. I am not saying Transformer numbers, but cream does have a way of rising to the top.   The story is basically the origin story, with a battle with Aries thrown in. Keri Russel does a good job as Wonder Woman, but most of...

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Wonder Woman! 0

I was really excited to finally rent and watch the Wonder Woman movie, and just got through it today!  On the plus side, it was fantastic to have such an animated version of Wonder Woman to watch. The fighting scenes all illustrated Wonder Woman's amazing strength, which was awesome to see. The way in which the story was told I thought was good.   But I do have to admit I was a little disappointed. Although the things I didn't like are rather small. Such as the color of Diana's hair.. see i told...

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Good Job Dc 0

I personally liked the art style of the movie, and the plot was good, they even had some mildly funny jokes. The fighting scenes where good as well. There is not much else to say, other then it was enjoyable. If you want a movie to watch, or like Wonder Woman, I would highly recommend this movie....

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Feminist icon finally gets her own movie 0

After some 70 years of existence in comics and a classic 1970's live action TV series, Wonder Woman now gets her own movie. I say it's about time, but it is also a very damning statement, considering that Superman and Batman, the two other male DC icons, have been treated to a myriad of movies, cartoons, live action TV series and even radio shows for about the same amount of time.  But I digress, let's see how she's been handled.     The story starts with a massive battle between the Amazons lea...

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Wonder Woman is great and spectacular 0

I loved this movie because its a great new story and shows Wonder Woman into a great hero. It has a great cast and some funny moments, but had action between the Amazons and Ares's army. This movie shows Wonder Woman for who she is and develops into.I'm giving 5/5 because she is a great character to comics and is a true warrior and hero!...

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Not that good 0

When I knew there was a film of Wonder Woman I was full of joy, but I felt disappointed when I saw this. I thought the draws were going to be better, with more deatil and better color, the animation is fine not as good as other movies. The plot is weak the Amazons are shown as slaves at the beginning, queen Hyppolita is a brave warrior which is something good, because we always saw her as somebody "sweet". Wonder Woman is shown here as a very aggressive woman sometimes with no feelings, the desi...

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One of DC's finest Animated films 0

Unlike Superman or Batman, Wonder Woman hasn't had any big screen theatrical films or a series of animated films. Instead for being one of the most recognizable characters in the world, she's only had one animated movie and it eclipses many of the other DC films.  The story is that Steve Trevor ( Nathan Fillion ) crash lands on Themyscira after being shot down by enemy planes. There he finds himself in a land full of beautiful women, much to his happiness but after Diana ( Keri Russell ) catche...

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