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Character Biography

Wanda is from the planet Gotham, threatened with annihilation by a long-lived
The Planet Gotham
civil war. The Gothamites had halted the aging process through genetic experimentation, so that they no longer needed to be concerned about the preservation of the species, and could focus on purely cerebral endeavors. Unfortunately, the male of the species developed into war-like creatures referred to as "Beast-Boys", while the females developed into ethereal beings possessing highly-advanced psionic abilities, known as "Element Girls". The result was gender-based warfare, pitting emotional against physical, the males armed with their "Bahts", and the females armed with their "Rangs".  
After ages of war, an Element Girl scientist named Lena Thorul saw the destructive path her species was taking, and realized that the Gothamites were truly a stronger race when the two races complimented one another. She created a symbol of what the Gothamites could accomplish if they worked as one people, and she named the being Wanda. Using outlawed technology, Thorul succeeded beyond her wildest dreams, as Wanda's psionic abilities appeared to extend far beyond those of the other Element Girls. While still in her bio-tank, Wanda absorbed the cultural histories of over a hundred civilizations, including Earth. She was able to process the most esoteric thought within moments. Thorul was uncertain of how to measure  the  progress Wanda's brain could accomplish, but she held theories that frightened even the scientist, herself.  
Thorul created a trainer for Wanda named Woo-Z Winks, and shielded Wanda
in an armored sheath reinforced by Wanda's own telekinetic ability. She developed a merging of the two weapons the Gothamites used to create a Bahtarrang, and assigned Woo-Z Winks to train Wanda in ALL fhe arts of war. The only problem was that Wanda always seemed distracted in battle, allowing herself to battle on pure instinct while her mind pondered some deep philosophical point. Thorul finally presented her creation to the Gothamites as a symbol of unity, and to the astonishment of the scientist, her plan did briefly unite the sexes. They all agreed that Wanda was an abomonation, and killed Thorul on the spot.  
Wanda was forced to flee Gotham with Woo-Z Winks aboard a two-person Starfire, but the Gothamites were not pleased that she was still alive, and sent an Element Girl and Beast-Boy representative to destroy her. Wanda fled to Earth, crash-landing in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the unveiling of the Superfriends Resort. Reporter Lori Lemaris and cameraman "Ambush" Bug, just happened to be present when Wanda exited the devastated craft, and Lemaris proceeded to interview her. Woo-Z Winks surrounded the pair in a three-dimensional holographic representation of Wanda's history, while Wanda combatted the Gothamites dispatched to
An Invisible Plane?
kill her. Suddenly, the devastation caused by the brawl vanished, as did the Element Girl and Beast Boy representatives. Las Vegas was instaneously restored, and Woo-Z explained that Wanda, through pure thought, can reorder time if she "wonders"  hard enough. Once Wonder Woman had decided that they did not deserve to exist, she willed them into non-existence, as if they had never been born. Lori Lemaris was confused about the confrontation, and how it was she and Bug were still aware of what had transpired, and Woo-Z revealed that he had shielded their neurons against the temporal change, so that they would be able to warn others about Wanda, being that she was quite simply the most dangerous being on the planet. Woo-Z then cautioned them on seeking Wanda out, and then boarded their combatants' starfire, before ascending into the skies for an unknown destination.  

Powers And Abilities

  • Reality Manipulation - Wanda possesses the ability to manipulate reality based on how hard she "wonders". The full extent of this ability is unknown, but it is known that she once wondered two of her enemies into non-existence during a battle in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Psionic Abilities -  The full extent of Wanda's psionic abilities is currently unknown, but has been shown to include Mental Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Empathy.   
  • Superhuman Intelligence - Wanda possesses superhuman intelligence, including perfect memory, and data analysis. According to Woo-Z Winks, this may cause a problem in battle, as Wanda allows herself to battle purely on instinct, while her mind becomes lost in some deep philosophical point.  
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Dexterity
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Senses




  • The Bhattarang - Wanda carries a Bhattarang, the invention of scientist Lena Thorul. The weapon is a combination of the Beast Boys' "Bhats" and the Element Girls' "Rangs". It is a formidable weapon, and has been shown to cut through a metal of extra-terrestrial origin, generate powerful wind funnels, and slice through rock.   
  • Telekinetic Sheath - Lena Thorul clothed Wanda in an a sheath enhanced by Wanda's own telekinetic ability.
  • The Starfire - A two-person space craft Wanda uses to transport both herself and trainer, Woo-Z Winks.

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