WWW( Wonder Women of the World)

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I had an idea for a Wonder Woman storyline that could not only continue the heavily mythological angle of the current series, but also expand her supporting cast and self-mythos. Since Wonder Woman is essentially the avatar for Greco-Roman mythology, I would essentially create similar characters for various mythologies.

1. Wonder Woman: Greco-Roman mythos Weapon: Magic Lasso of Truth (Country: Greece)

2. Artemis of Bana-Mihgdall: Nomadic Amazons who practice their own frankensteined religion, taking elements from other mythologies. She is the hardcase/by-the-books member of this group.

Weapon: Spiked Club Sword (Country: Unknown)

3. Maya: Maria Mendoza, from the "Just Imagine....Stan Lee and Jim Lee create Wonder Woman" story. A young innocent Peruvian girl, blessed by the Mesoamerican god Huitzilpochtli. Her civilian appearance is cute, short, and docile with short hair, while her "Avatar of Light" form is much taller, cloaked in Mayan armor and with long hair. She's the sweet, innocent young member of the group.

Weapon: Staff of Light (Country: Peru)

4. Nubia: Equivalent of Wonder Woman, who protects the African tribe of the Maasai people. Her appearance is similar to her pre-Flashpoint appearance. Blessed with super strength, flight, and a sword as powerful as Diana's lasso. She simply wants to live with her people, and does not wish to fight. Weapon: Swazisword (Country: Kenya)

5. Brunhilde: A valkryie avatar for Nordic/Germanic myth. She is always constantly drunk, which seemingly INCREASES her fighting ability. Weapon: Bow-and-arrow (Country: Germany)

6. Ghazi: Arabic warrior who detests the glorification/commercialization of mythologies, particularly Ancient Egyptian. Weapon: Egyptian Axe (Country: Egypt)

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