WW Considered A Good Influence For Girls But Barbie Is Not?

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Here an interesting compare and contrast question. Why is WW Considered A Good Influence For Little Girls But Barbie Is Not? They are similar in many ways!

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I know I can't figure it out. Both just make little girls want to look a certain kind of pretty, and that's wrong.

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@mitran:in wonder woman's comic we have seen her talking many times that the looks aren't important and complaining about how some people care more about her looks than her message of peace and her battle to make the world a better place,and she tries to teach young girls to realize that there is something more important than the looks and don't be a prisoner of fashion,so i would never say that wonder woman and barbie have the same message behind them,did barbie ever have these kind of messages like wonder woman?,i have never seen it,i have only seen her represent the superficial,look pretty and merry a rich husband,so how can you pretend they teach the same things.

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@gokuwarrior: Barbie isn't submissive to Ken though. She's her own person.

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@mitran:my point is that wonder woman isn't superficial,she is not submissive either and she has a good message to teach.

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@gokuwarrior: mod era says differently.

And hell, does that mean iron man is superficial because he has all the armors?

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@gwhh said:

Here an interesting compare and contrast question. Why is WW Considered A Good Influence For Little Girls But Barbie Is Not? They are similar in many ways!

Please tell me you are trolling. You couldn't possibly be serious about this. Just in case you are, though, in which ways are they similar (other than being female) ? You cannot make such a claim without giving evidence for that statement.

My opinion on this is that it's okay for kids to play with Barbies, but the parents should educate their children sufficiently about them. From what I have seen from my sister playing with Barbies, they focus on the "playing family" aspect that tends to appeal especially to girls (pregnant Barbie, little cousin/sister of Barbie) and accessoirs such as clothes, cars, horses. In reality those items are considered articles of luxury; strong focus on clothes and fashion is considered superficial and Barbie's looks raise unrealizable expectations/goals in impressionable children. If their parents explain those things and the children consider Barbies toys and not role models, everything is fine. Otherwise they might become superficial women who care too much about looks and money.

To me Wonder Woman is an independent, caring, loving, strong woman. Her clothes are a bit... uh... well. It has become an iconic look, so changing it too much would not work well. Anyway, she does not focus on on looks, but on character. She wouldn't care about money, but about happiness.

That is how I see it. Hopefully it is clear what I meant to say. (I haven't slept for a while, so I'm not sure I managed to express myself well.)

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@jointron33:mod era?,wonder woman doesn't care about looks,she trys to spreat a message of peace,she treats people equally and with no prejudice,that's the wonder woman i have known for years,if you talk about her current version from JL comic,well that's a merss,way out of wonder woman's true character.

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@jointron33 said:

I've never seen a gi joe or transformers toy criticized for making boys only care about war or fighting, so feminists heifers can shut the hell up and get milked. Let the little girls play, dumb bitches.

And this is exactly why I don't want to get into what I see as the very complex gender politics of both characters, as I'm tired of having that debate on these forums with idiots like this.

Besides, I actually think it is Barbie's overwhelming focus on material things that make her such a bad role model. She teaches young girls that the way to be beautiful, successful, popular, etc. is to buy lots of clothes, expensive cars, huge houses, horses, etc. She is independent in her way, but she only expresses that independence through the things she can buy - there is no element of intelligence (quite the contrary - given the "math is hard" debacle), integrity, or compassion.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, leaves a life of luxury on Themyscira to live a life of activism and sacrifice. She's beautiful, sure, but it's a natural beauty - she doesn't fuss over what to wear (though her fans love to fuss over what she wears) and has never shown much interest in material things. And, as @gokuwarrior pointed out, when others focus on her beauty she usually tries to steer away from that and get back to her selfless message. I think that's a much better model for young girls than the one that Barbie offers.

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