WTF Spoiler! Diana has a new family member!

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So it appears Diana's family just got a little bigger. In Teen Titans #19, page 9, Trigon taunts Cassie & says, "Imagine how much more powerful you would be if your father had raised you." In that panel we see Diana's half brother, Lennox, walking out of an apartment & behind him is a woman (Helena Sandsmark?), who is dressed a lot like a pre-52 Amazon, holding a small blond girl. So it would appear Cassie is now Diana's niece, Zeus' grand-daughter & possibly am mix of Amazon, god & human.

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not surprised and kinda underwhelmed.

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Oh wow . . . just looked at it. . . this is interesting.

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I always figured Lennox to be the Love 'em and leave 'em type vagabond.

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Not surprised ...

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