Would pollution affect Themyscira?

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Just wondering.

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I wouldn't see why not, it affects everything else. Right?

If not then perhaps the mystical cloak that prevents the outside world from seeing them also keeps their habitat pristine.

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I'm sure it would but I'm also sure they'd have ways to counter-act it. Just hit the local wildlife with the purple ray every once in a while.

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My opinion is no. Pollution does not affect pre 52 Themysciara There habitat is completely cut off from the outside world. If Pollution did affect them they would probably take action against the people responsible. Essentially they would see it as an attack on there way of life.

Thats my opinion.

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@lilben42 said:

@press_oblivion: Examples?

I don't have any links to give you if that's what you're looking for. Pollution is contributing to the decline of the environment of sea life, there fore there is a decline in sea life population (Yet it's more likely that this would be more greatly impacted by industrial over fishing). While I'm not sure that it's ever been mentioned what wild game might be available on the island it's in the realm of possibility that the Amazons would employ fishing for sustenance. The less fish the lower the quality of life.

Global Warming (theoretically caused by pollution) has been speculated to contribute to unseasonal weather conditions all over the world and to the melting of the polar ice caps and in effect an unprecedented change in sea levels around the world.

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