Wonder Woman's costume

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So today I was reading through all the released issues of Earth 2, and a thought occurred to me. Just out of curiosity, am I the only one that thinks Earth 2 Wonder Woman got a much better costume than the main earth WW did?

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Nope, you're not the only one.

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Could you post some pics?

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I like her current look just fine.

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 Earth 2
      Jim Lee's Wonder-Barbie
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I think her current costume is great, though I do love the Earth 2 one.

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I agree the Earth 2 version was far better than the Jim Lee version but because its "Jim Lee's" creation we are stuck with this version.

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I still miss the one pre new 52, it was the best (with pants)

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Personally I think her Earth 2 costume is more iconic looking than her main earth costume. To me, the Earth 2 costume is reminiscent enough of her Golden Age look, while still being new and fresh, that it's better than the regular one. Her main earth costume just looks like they wanted to keep the pants but the pervert fanboys were so up in arms about it that the changed it to booty shorts. It's not different enough from either of her pre- N52 costumes for me to find it interesting

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@RazzaTazz said:

I still miss the one pre new 52, it was the best (with pants)


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@TAneT62 said:

I think her current costume is great, though I do love the Earth 2 one.

Couldn't agree more.

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I really like her current costume, but I won't mind seeing something a little more Greek-inspired if she was going to change her costume. Especially for a potential movie or TV series. Something like:

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Here is my take in general on supers with different costumes. I think after a while, a fresh costume is nice. First, do they have hundreds of the costumes in a closet someplace? Second, it would actually help show the "epic-ness" of something if the costume had battle damage, & so while it was being restored, the hero wore a different suit for a few issues. & just keep cycling through the various suits every few years. Would help to sell toys. Although.

As for the actual question, other than the skirt, nothing else really stands out as different.

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