Wonder Woman Transformation Sequence?

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I was looking at some scans of WW the other day and was wondering if someone could give me some answers. i havent gotten my hands on any New 52 comics due to no comic book stores where i live but it looks like Diana has some sort of transformation thing going 4 her now.

see how in these pics she goes from her cevilian clothes without a sword, boots, lasso, braclets or tiara, to her WW costume with all these things.

i know i must seem like a total nut brain. O.o Its just I LOVE WW and want to learn more bout her New 52 powers and such. so if anyone has some answers 4 me that would be great!

thanks for the help! B)

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What's that first scan from ?

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lol why is she wearing a skirt in the last scan when she doesn't wear a skirt in her superhero costume or while she was on her date with Clark?

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The first scans are from the Young Romance comic tha DC put out a couple of weeks ago. There it appears that she is using the twirl effect to become Wonder Woman. The other scan is from Justice League and the skirt that she's wearing is from her date with Clark that evening and she's using her lasso to make the transformation. In Wonder Woman #1 Zola is teleported to Diana's bedroom to find Diana sleeping in the nude, where she then has her Wonder Attire ion a closet and it appears that she has to dress herself normally. There appears to no consistency to how Diana makes the transition to Wonder Woman.

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That Young Romance issue was pretty shoddy. I wouldnt use it as any indication of what she is capable of.

#6 Posted by Press Oblivion (1658 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish we cold pick and choose

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@RazzaTazz: what happended in that young romance issue?.

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Clark and Diana were out on a date on the coast of Greece somewhere (recommended by Eros) and they were attacked by the musicians that were playing on the stage that turned out to be Sirens, the sound possessing all of the men in the area including Clark. Eros attached them as well proving to be under the spell of the Sirens. Diana goes on the offensive and frees Eros from the enchantment after binding him with the lasso then Superman is ordered to attack Wonder Woman. Diana defends against a heat visions onslaught and then binds Superman with the lasso and frees him from the enchantment as well. The truth that Superman speaks is that her never wants to hurt Diana, saying this as he back hands her to the ground while unraveling himself from the lasso.

Eros then fires on the Sirens with his guns ultimately putting them under his control. When Diana goes to see if Clark is okay and to make sure that his will is free, Eros fires on Clark to make sure that he will never hurt Diana again and that he would never love another. The bullet appears to pass into Superman knocking him down as Diana protests in desperate expression:

Diana says:
I never wanted it to be this way. If you truly love me, I would have it be of your own choice.

Clark says:
But it was Diana . . . . it is.

Superman opens his hand to reveal the bullet resting comfortably in his palm.

Then there is a notice for Superman 19 that reads: Even more complications arise in this couple's Young Romance in the pages of Superman #19.


On a side note, this may be seen as a feat for Superman for stopping the bullet. The last time Diana was shot with the guns of Eros, by Hell, the bullet passed right through her bracers and into her chest below the clavicle. Superman stops the bullet, a mystical bullet.

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@gokuwarrior: More poorly scripted romance between the two who still have no chemistry

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@RazzaTazz: oh,i though you were talking about low feats.

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@gokuwarrior: I think that you're more concerned with that than anyone else is. :D

@RazzaTazz: Considering the order of events, there really wasn't a chance to express any chemistry here. They sat down and started talking and then all hell broke lose.

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@Press Oblivion: yes,as a fan for 21 years,i've seen wonder woman being victim of bad writing(low feats,PIS)and bad stories with stupid plots too many times,really,it was too much,so i want something better for her with this rebot.

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@gokuwarrior: agreed :)

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@Press Oblivion: cool.

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