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Coming 2009
DC Comics senior VP for creative affairs, Gregory Noveck, is moderating a panel of both the production staff and creative talent behind some of DC's recent animation features to discuss the past and future of DC animation. Others on the panel include Paul Levitz, president of DC, Bruce Timm, executive producer, Lauren Montgomery, director and voice director Andrea Romano and Nathan Fillion.

All three of DC's recent releases - Superman Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier and Batman Gotham Knight - have been very successful. They provide an excellent start to DC's animated division, ensuring that there will be many future projects.

Wonder Woman is coming in February 2009 to DVD!

Saturday morning cartoons force a limited amount of story telling due to the restrictions of advertising commitments. The crew on JLU and Batman, particularly Bruce Timm, did a great job but the DVD format lets stories be told that appeal to a more adult market without outside, artificial restrictions like scheduling commercial breaks.

The DVD format allows for more stylized story telling and art. This led naturally to Gotham Knights.

There are several projects in the pipeline that can't be revealed yet.

For Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion will be voicing Steve Trevor. Alfred Molina is also part of the cast.

A special two-disc with 128 minutes of extra content will be released on November 25 for Superman Doomsday.

Wonder Woman will premier at an upcoming con, to be selected later. The story is by Gail Simmone. This is an original take, true to the feel of the comic character but not based on any prior story.

Molina is Ares and Oliver Platt is Hades. Rosaria Dawson is Hippolites.

Wonder Woman is a strong female character who is able to project dominance and power without trying to be a man. She is muscular and strong but not manly.

There will be multiple releases - single and two disc special Blue Ray version.


Sorry for the quality but that is all there is, this trailer was released at6 the SDCC yesterday... so better trailers may come in time...

now for the following news that was also released at the SDCC...

  • There are more Batman DVDs planned. Nightfall is not on the schedule at this time. When Worlds Collide is under discussion and may be produced.
  • A Kindom Come, CG project with Alex Ross is under consideration.
  • A Long Halloween is also under discussion.
  • DC won't do a project until it can be done right. Time constraints and artistic limitations are factors.
  • Bruce Timm is interested in doing a Catwoman animated movie and removing the stain of the live action movie.
  • Teen Titans Judas Contract is a project that is discussed, but fan interest on the forums seems limited.
  • In order for a project to be okayed, the producers must think that several hundred thousand people will see it in the first few weeks. If there isn't that fan interest to begin with, the project won't move forward.
  • The current animated movie projects are intentionally being done in different artistic styles.
  • It easier for the movie makers to get well known actors casted because the producers who make the final decisions are already familiar with the abilities and of the actors. A lot of movie actors like doing voice work since the nature of the work is much easier and less time consuming. These actors are also interested in doing projects that they can show to their children.
  • It's a possibility to see more JL Unlimited DVDs in the future. It really depends on sales of the current releases.
  • The current project is an adaptation of an existing comicbook, but they can't reveal just what it is now.
  • 4th World New Gods is under consideration as a series or a DVD.

All sounds pretty cool and the trailer did kick ass... can't wait to see this properly


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looks tight as hell is it a movie or series

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I'll get it.

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i'm definitely getting it :D


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Methos said:
"i'm definitely getting it :D

Kinnd of wish they were doing a live action movie, but this will have to do for now. DC's animated movies have been really good.
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yeah... live action can wait, DC have really been doing amazing things with animation now...


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Methos said:
"yeah... live action can wait, DC have really been doing amazing things with animation now...

I just wish they would do more though with the Live Action. They could have some seriously awesome movies if they expanded beyond Bats and Supes. I was talking to my grandpa about it and he remembers reading Captain Marvel when he first came out and wishes they would make a movie for him.
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Ah Very Nice  !  Its about time Wonder Woman gets some love in the film department

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i want to see that SO BAD

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That movie looks awesome, I've loved all of the animated movies that I've seen from DC, this looks like it will have the same effect on me

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