Wonder Woman Spin-Off Idea

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I think that it would be really cool if Wonder Woman had a separate book that had more to do with adventuring to exotic or magical locations to fight ancient evils, discover lost treasures, fulfill old prophecies. Like Uncharted/Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones meets The Incredibles meets Mission Impossible 4 meets Conan. It would be a great opportunity to bring a couple other DC Women into the spotlight. The team would be called the Furies and the book would be called Wonder Woman and The Furies. It would star Wonder Woman, Ice, and Vixen. What do you think?

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Batman has Batman and Detective Comics (excluding all his other ridiculous books)

Superman has Superman and Action Comics (excluding his old book)

So why not give Wonder Woman a second book? Sensation Comics. Starring Diana in Sensational adventurous mystic bouts along side her buddies. I feel like Hawkgirl and Vixen are better choices than Ice. But it's your idea.

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