Wonder Woman Removes Pants For DC's Relaunch: The New 52 in September [Updated]

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One of the current fashion crazes is not wearing pants. If a skirt isn't involved, women have been wearing leggings or other non-pants material. Wonder Woman is a character than can't seem to make up her mind. There's nothing wrong with changing your look. People don't usually wear the same thing everyday so why should Wonder Woman?

Last year when she changed her classic look to including pants, many fans were in an uproar. With the new redesigns for September's titles, she was still wearing pants while her costume had some tiny tweaks. It looked as if the pants were staying and we know there's been an unofficial edict that skirts are not allowed.

Today, DC posted on The Source the cover image to their San Diego Comic-Con giveaway comic featuring a 6-page preview of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League #1. If you look closely at the cover, you might notice what Wonder Woman is now wearing.

This is different from the original cover to September's Wonder Woman #1.

== TEASER ==

What does this mean? Is she really going back to her classic look? Will her classic look be a variant cover? In the NBC pilot, we've seen images of her wearing pants and not wearing pants. Maybe Wonder Woman will be wearing both outfits depending on the weather and when laundry day is.

It's hard to say since the image of Wonder Woman here is on a giveaway comic. It could have been a last minute change but we haven't seen the official solict for issue #2 yet. We'll have to wait until September to see if she will be wearing pants in the first issue or if that idea has been pushed aside. I'm torn between the two. I do like the classic look because it's...classic. I do think the pants look is more practical but practicality is rarely considered when characters choose their costume. Ask Starfire.


Not sure if she's keeping her pants on or not. The solicit to issue #2 shows her with pants.

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i think it looked better with the pants, 1sr comment, yaya
#2 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10418 posts) - - Show Bio

Ya I thougt it would be better to go classic but to see it now the pants were better

#3 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

@CanucksXVX said:

i think it looked better with the pants, 1sr comment, yaya

First, thanks for writing more than just "first" and second, I agree :D

#4 Posted by EnSabahNurX (2321 posts) - - Show Bio
@CanucksXVX said:
i think it looked better with the pants, 1sr comment, yaya
I actually agree, the new costume suited the pants looks, it was like a fusion of her original look with the new look 
Maybe its that i just hate the art of that image
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I definitely prefer the pants.  Once the jacket was removed, I thought the new costume was just about perfect.
I agree that cover art is horrible, either way.

#6 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio

She certainly looks more like "classic" WW without the pants, but I was actually hoping DC stuck with them. 
I think the problem is that the redesigned top, tiara, choker, armbands, and bracelets were more suited to the pants-less look.  If they really wanted to have Wonder Woman stick with a more modest look, they needed to do a bit more tweaking with the costume.

#7 Posted by Duncan (11477 posts) - - Show Bio

Keep the pants.

#8 Posted by Mercy_ (92985 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm a fan of the pants costume. I hope that's the one they stick with.

#9 Posted by jointron33 (2107 posts) - - Show Bio

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#10 Posted by Osiris1428 (1424 posts) - - Show Bio

Keep the pants!!!!!

#11 Posted by fodigg (6210 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks better with pants.

#12 Posted by webling (149 posts) - - Show Bio

Give her her pants back. After a few decades as a swimsuit model, I think she's earned some dignity.

#13 Posted by Izaiah (5633 posts) - - Show Bio

That cover looks better with the revamped costume, for sure.
Additionally, I disliked the cover at first, until someone (in another thread) pointed out that the art style resembles ancient Greek art, which I guess would be appropriate.

#14 Posted by jubilee042 (1376 posts) - - Show Bio

although it doesn't fit but it is related pants wise this a time for the song pants on the ground AND I LIKED THE PANTS

#15 Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH (474 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the pants are hideous, and as such prefer the "shorts"

#16 Edited by Sonata (5086 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought she looked great with the pants, but DC wanted add more cheesecake factor to her I guess.

#17 Posted by bobtv (86 posts) - - Show Bio


#18 Posted by Gylan Thomas (2754 posts) - - Show Bio

Now just make the boots red. I feel nausous lookin' at 'em as they are.

#19 Posted by harleyquinn12 (1853 posts) - - Show Bio

I do like the no pants look .I also like the  fact that while the costume isn't the same as before, they are going in the right direction by removing the pants. The pants don't feel as iconic, and they just aren't Diana.

#20 Posted by shackle (217 posts) - - Show Bio

Apparently WW was in danger of breaching her contract with Schick Lady Disposables.  Lawyers > Amazons.

#21 Posted by Press Oblivion (1693 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the look with the pants. Let's move forward with that!

#22 Posted by The Stegman (29114 posts) - - Show Bio

lol i love how when she first got pants, people hated it, now that she's losing them, people are STILL complaining, she just can't catch a break!! annnnnyway, i will say i do like the pants look better simply because of her job, it's sorta hard to strike terror into criminal's hearts when your'e in a bikini bottom

#23 Posted by .Mistress Redhead. (26668 posts) - - Show Bio

Pants are better, and the art is shocking on her picture but the rest looks good..O_O sup with that

#24 Posted by Aiden Cross (15726 posts) - - Show Bio

Ahhh... not again with the star spangled granny pants. Bring back the normal pants!

#25 Posted by KINCART (361 posts) - - Show Bio

I do think pants are better suited for crime fighting Wonder Woman has a very iconic look and I think DC should stick with that look and stop worrying about trying to draw something that will look good in a live action version.

#26 Posted by difficlus (10659 posts) - - Show Bio
@Aiden Cross said:
Ahhh... not again with the star spangled granny pants. Bring back the normal pants!
second that
#27 Posted by Tigerstriper (461 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the black pants and red top look. But who says she can't have more than one uniform?

#28 Posted by Pokeysteve (9189 posts) - - Show Bio

The shorts are just more practical for a martial artist. I'd like to see Batman do what he does in leather pants. 

#29 Posted by CBattles6 (24 posts) - - Show Bio

As long as the art is womanly and not the man-ish drawings we get of WW from time to time.

#30 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

I was so disappointed....

#31 Posted by azza04 (1619 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the leather pants, they looked awesome.

#32 Posted by xkoenig (469 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds to me like politicians flip-flopping if you ask me. They know that there are some cranky fans and they are backing off their original decisions. I could be wrong, maybe they always wanted her costume to be no-pants, but artistic dithering is not unexpected this far out from the reboot.

#33 Posted by NightFang (10850 posts) - - Show Bio

Lose the pants!!!!

#34 Posted by elayem98 (486 posts) - - Show Bio

no pants with black boots is bad 
go with the pants, but if no pants then go with red boots. this is the worst how it is now

#35 Posted by Mutant4life (21 posts) - - Show Bio

I think DC should go with the pants look. I am so tired of seeing Wonder woman in the same costume she had since the 1930s, its time to change her look.

#36 Posted by GT-Man (4039 posts) - - Show Bio

#37 Posted by Sylver (1583 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved the pants look.  It helped focus more on her powers and personality, rather than her look.  I loved how edgy it was :-)  Honestly, there's no way she can fight the way she does in that strapless bathing suit she runs around in.  It's ridiculous! Bring on the pants!!! 
Also, sidenote, I'm super excited to see Sinestro as GL :-) Not that I don't like Hal, I do, but I've always been interested in Sinestro's story. This should be interesting...
#38 Posted by turoksonofstone (13681 posts) - - Show Bio

Sinistro is the new GL? lol, horrible stuff.

#39 Posted by jointron33 (2107 posts) - - Show Bio
@turoksonofstone: it may be a flashback
#40 Posted by turoksonofstone (13681 posts) - - Show Bio
#41 Posted by Duo_forbidden (1815 posts) - - Show Bio

Either look was fine for me, although with that cover, I think the pants suited her more.

#42 Posted by MrDirector786 (43767 posts) - - Show Bio

I kind of liked the pants better.

#43 Posted by yo_yo_fun (654 posts) - - Show Bio

Pants!! Gosh Dang it!

#44 Posted by huser (98 posts) - - Show Bio
@Pokeysteve said:
The shorts are just more practical for a martial artist. I'd like to see Batman do what he does in leather pants. 
Yeah he does it in a Nomex/Kevlar blend with armored plates. That sure must breathe better than leather and most definitely better to move around in.
And while debatably more practical in one sense, there are probably whole movements on the DC internet regarding upskirts of DC heroines that open the door to how they AREN'T practical in most every other way for a combat intensive character.
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Newsarama's Agent of STYLE blog noted that in Diana's case pants are unnecessary, her skin is denser that most forms of armor, as a proud amazon she isn't afraid of showing her feminine sides (?) and they were most likely unpractical because of her very physical way of fighting. 
Though personally I would think some people would have a hard time taking her seriously in hotpants.... that's before she kicks the dung out of them and drags them off to the nearest station.

#47 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14378 posts) - - Show Bio
@jointron33 said:
@turoksonofstone: it may be a flashback

its Hal.....he just had some botched surgery
#48 Posted by iLLituracy (13546 posts) - - Show Bio

One step forward, two steps back. Trolololol.

#49 Posted by fodigg (6210 posts) - - Show Bio
@turoksonofstone said:
#50 Edited by Mr. Kamikaze (655 posts) - - Show Bio

They give her pants, people throw a fit. They take the pants off, and people throw a fit. I personally like the no pants look. What's more intriguing for me is...Sinestro instead of Jordan? Interesting...

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