Wonder Woman Plane and earring

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I think she should have her plane back and get her earring abiltes. I hate the invisb Plane part. Her earring allow her to breath underwater and in space.i think should also allow her to disguise her as anyone or tranform herself into wonder wonder. Should she have her plane back with a different orgin. Like a plane drift on the island and the amazon learn how it works and used science and magic. The plane can cloack by magic or copy any vechical if need.

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She should have her plane back, even though she can fly.

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The earrings were one of the most poorly conceived of the golden age plot devices, which were already far and away ridiculous.  

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i think they should accessorize wonder woman more

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I believe plans to bring back the plane are in the works. At least for the JLA WW.

 Jim Lee - Invisible Plane sketches
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The Amazons have remained hidden for centuries, so their island is magically cloaked. It might not be impossible that they had devices to keep their fishing vessels hidden from view as well. So if they somehow got hold of a plane ...

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It's possible but highly unlikely they have a plane drift. This is what I mean a person jumps from the plane the plane falls into the ocean and drifts near the island or it crash right on the beach. Even though the island is cloak in the comics it's shown that people and things can go though the cloak magic.

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So they are bring back the invisible plane in JL? I don't see the point. WW only needed to invisible plane when she has to carry a group of people or going to back to paradise island. They already have green laturn for carrying people. Although maybe the justice league are going going paradise island?

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