Wonder Woman Movie teaser

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@Press Oblivion: wonder woman being tagged and hurt by humans?,nobody expects a movie version of the character to be as powerful as the comic version not even close,but humans able to tag her and hurt her is too much,she didn't even use the bracelets to handle the bullets,wonder woman using machine guns is not good either,it seems like a reminiscence of her bad stories from the 70s when she was powerless,wonder woman breaking human necks for nothing is not part of the character's personality,and the look of the actress is not that good either.

not a good effort for me,but thanks for sharing this.

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I think you should have put the word "fan" in the title, i thought there was a real teaser for a second

#4 Posted by GodDamnIronMan (1628 posts) - - Show Bio

Nicely done!

the choreography was awesome, the color was deep and dark....very suitable for the video..

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not bad

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Nicely done indeed. Loved the fighting.

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I'd watch it. Then again I think I would watch any movie about a woman in a leotard beating up Nazi's.

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This was pretty good, but her power level was a bore.

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Yeah, it wasn't as comic book centric as I would have preferred but for what it is, it's not too bad.

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