Wonder Woman is NOT Zealot

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There's is an ever present fallacy in writing Wonder Woman these days, particularly in terms of media adaptations. This mistake involves writing Diana like some generic bloodthirsty warrior who simply wants to fight, castrate men, and promote an extreme form of feminism that is already promoted enough in liberal media. This is NOT Wonder Woman, because Wonder Woman does not act like Zealot. Zealot is the idiotic 90s EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!! ripoff of Wonder Woman, not the other way around. This version of Wonder Woman has shown up in several places in recent years.

1. Justice League/JL Unlimited: I'll go ahead and say it: Bruce Timm needs to stick to Batman and stay away from pretty much anyone else. While what I've seen of the Green Lantern animated series is decent, alot of his other stuff leaves me cold in certain areas. For instance, take Superman TAS. Superman was basically a big weakling like how John Byrne wrote him, to the point that BULLETS were hurting Superman. Timm also constantly propped up Batman characters like Harley Quinn and the Joker whenever there was a crossover, complete with obligatory kryptonite........ugh. But on to WW. Diana was.....ok in the 1st season of JL, but in Unlimited.......oh my gosh. Heck scratch that, there was disrespect for her throughout the whole series. We never get to see her any of her supporting characters, and when we finally get to see Steve Trevor, IT'S IN THE PAST AND HE'S AN OLD MAN IN THEIR TIME!!!!! Batman is the one who beats Circe, not her, cuz, ya know.....HE BATMAN!!! HE CAN BEAT DARKSEID WITH GUN AND FIST!!!! HAHAHAHAH! Then, when we finally see Cheetah(who, btw, had a terrible design), she's supposedly KILLED in that same episode. COME ON! You've propped up Luthor and the Joker as the villains they were, but when it's time to show WW's rogues, you resort to piss poor writing? Then Diana herself. She wasn't loving, caring, or wise in the least bit. She just came off as a pompous man hater, or in other words, Zealot, Glory, and other 90s EXTREEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!! WW ripoffs. She even comes off this way in Young Justice, which is an otherwise great show that, obviously, Timm has nothing to do with. The best representation of her personality wise is in Batman: Brave and the Bold.

2. New Frontier: For the most part, I really like this book/movie. It's a great tribute to the Golden and Silver Age of comics. Thus, the characters used were reflective of their portrayals at the time.......all except Wonder Woman. She was nothing like either the Golden OR Silver Age WW. And this is a complaint coming from someone who hates Wonder Woman during those years and believes that she was never good until Perez got a hold of her. Instead, she was the generic fighting -obsessed warrior princess that she's has constantly been misconstrued as. Why? Where was the love, the promotion of Amazon doctrine? I though that Darwyn Cooke was the one who hated violent modern comics?

3. Geoff Johns: I generally liked Johns pre-Flashpoint, and now only marginally like him. This is mainly due to his idiotic decisions concerning continuity, such as pissing over the character of Martian Manhunter for the sake of forced diversity(Affirmative Action Comics), ruining Billy Batson, and other such things. His current runs on GL and Aquaman save him. However, his writing of WW is deplorable. He has always written her as some ball-breaking Zealot-type that never shows any compassion. In his JL, she's once again obsessed with fighting and has idiotic fish-out-of-water scenes similar to the equally stupid scenes in the Thor movie. Being in such a high-profile book from a writer like Johns just perpetuates these moronic mistakes in writing Wonder Woman

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Now nOw, tell me really what you truly feel :)

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Why do you keep saying Bruce Timm? He is An ARTIST. Not a writer or director.

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..........except that he's directed several episodes of these shows

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Personally, I think Gail Simone did a better job with Wonder Woman than Perez. She showed Diana with a sense of humor.

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@Cirelick: Gail Simone is an under appreciated writer IMHO. When she wrote WW, you could tell she cared about the character, and gave her real personality. I think Azzarello is a better "plot-pointer" but Gail was a better character builder.
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I really liked Gails dialog, for the most part.

And I do agree that sometimes writers have trouble with the fact that Diana is a cold blooded warrior when she needs to be, but is also capable of showing a lot of mercy and compassion when needed.

There's two sides to her, and sometimes people get all hung up on one side and forget the other.

Its more then Diana though. Take Batman. Sometimes he's all 'My parents are dead' and we don't get any of the sane, logical smart side. And sometimes he's like a crime solving machine who is perfectly mentally healthy even though he dresses like a bondage bat to get into fistfights with criminals.

So its not just Diana.

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Well Simone's WW was later in Diana's life. Perez' was naive and a newcomer to Man's world.

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