Wonder woman is boring ?

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It is not ignorance. It is a opinion.


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Boring is right

Speaking of Wich is anybody else getting bored of cliff Chang style art?

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To non Wonder Woman fans as to New 52 fans of her. They don't count There Wonder Woman is just pail imatation with non of Wonder Woman's actual character other than a bloodlusting Punisher with tits and greek mythology. Course its not surprising given how New 52 fans have such poor taste in these bland reimagining of DC characters.

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She's pretty boring in the current run, but she's been a fascinating character a lot of her other runs.

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Not boring, just the comic is moving slow.

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I personally like a lot of her stories but I have typically found her to be a better solo character than how she is written on the Justice League. This is excluding New 52 issues of course.

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Yes she's very very boring in Soule's novela.

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All the ones with clothes on.

Edit- oh I thought it said What woman is boring not Wonder Woman is boring.



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The 2009 movie and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse made me a fan of her

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I surely hope no one is going off of the current N52 run on her to gauge her overall "interest" factor...lol I haven't read past issue 22 I think, and while this run has its moments of being mildly interesting, I would certainly not recommend it to someone to be introduced to her character. Diana hasn't really done much of anything noteworthy as it seems like Azz is using her name to sell a story about a greek drama. Her supporting cast is very much the driving force behind her current solo title, many others have picked up on this. She comes off as being very naïve and doesn't seem to carry out her tasks that well either. It's just...lemme stop right here before I ramble on and on...lol

IMO, people who dismiss her as a boring character fall into one of two categories: they simply don't like her, or they haven't been exposed to enough source material where she's actually you know...GOOD...doing something worth taking notice of! Diana works especially well when she has to defend her actions/beliefs to others. That way, readers can get a more intimate depiction of what makes her tick. The seemingly paradox values she holds add to the internal and external, dual-sided conflicts that she's dealt with in the past. I think that's one of the most powerful things that draw me as a fan to her character. Unfortunately in the current run, we don't get to see Diana 'deconstructed' to show off those kinds of struggles. She's mostly responding to her environment, and oftentimes naïve or plain ignorant to what's going on around her.

You want good stories, or depictions of Diana as a well-adusted, well-rounded character, go back to the Greg Rucka run. George Perez's run. Gail Simone's run. Those are who I'm going through right now, and I'm enjoying them so much more than the current title.

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Her comic certainly is boring. The character is decent though. Not great but not cringe worthy, when done right

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@jayc1324 said:

Her comic certainly is boring. The character is decent though. Not great but not cringe worthy, when done right

Why is boring?

Boring is right

Speaking of Wich is anybody else getting bored of cliff Chang style art?


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WW boring? never! Current arc is a bit at times in terms of WW action. We had like two/three panels of her doing stuff in the current issue! Blocked some lasers with her bracelets and then flew up and held onto a space ship. Compare this to this months Superman/Wonder Woman comic or Superman Action Comics and its seriously lacking in the WW interest department!!

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