Wonder Woman in Parallax

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Sorry for those that opened this thinking that Wonder Woman is getting taken over by the Parallax entity because that is not what this is about.  Rather in the most recent Wonder Woman I ran across one of the more common cliches from movies except in this case it related to comics.  First of all maybe it is worth showing the picture which I am referring to: 

It is often the case in movies when someone is looking through binoculars that the black area around the edge is shown (this blackness is known as parallax).  For anyone that has ever looked through a pair of binoculars this is evidently not what things look like (if the binos are used correctly.)  It should look exactly like what everything else looks like.  In reference to binoculars this is the the only kind of optical enhancement which usually is shown differently in any medium.  For instance, if the vantage point is from a character wearing sunglasses, the view is therefore not shaded in anyway.  I understand that it can effectively convey a message which is inherently what communicating through media is about, but in this case it really adds nothing to the overall scenario.  In fact this picture has a sort of exotic allure about it (a robed woman walking through a desert war zone) so it might even detract somewhat from it instead of focusing directly on it.  It is a tired cliche from movies, and so maybe in this case (and in mot cases) that comics should have just left it there.  

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