Wonder Woman GOW Type game based on the new 52(Solo title)

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does anyone else think a God of War style Wonder Woman game based on Azzarello's arc would be awesome? the bosses could be Strife, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, the Erinyes, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes etc.... even Orion if the story permits.

She could start with the lasso, then get other weapons like her gladius, shield, pistols of Eros(devil may cry style), limited flight( later on) etc.

no open world needed... i would like it to be dark and gritty setting keeping in t0oe with Azzarello's story and the GOW games.

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this topic has been done before :-( sorry :-(, i should know i have posted something on it :) http://www.comicvine.com/wonder-woman/29-2048/wonder-woman-god-of-war/92-680519/ there you go :D

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ok...but i was specifically thinking about the new 52 storyline

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@cloudzackvincent: ohhhhhhhhhhh.....................ok....sorry :)

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Id love love love one =D

The bosses, Poseidon, for example, would be epic....

I'd also want some Legend of Zelda aspects, beautiful graphics and music, sense of wonder and adventure, just serenely navigating a huge river and have Poseidon attack...sequences in boss fights the way we have in Naruto or DBZ or Final Fantasy and many other games, where you press the button on the screen to do awesome stuff, like bust out God Mode (maybe in an Artemis boss fight :D), wrap a lasso around Poseidon, use super-breath and blow various enemies across a forest, use the bracelets to create an awesmoe sonic bang, etc etc (they could improvise moves as well, i suppose, since it's a game) fight various mythological creatures.

It's amazing when you visualise/imagine it in your mind...lol....Sirocca from the one of the latest covers looks awesome too, ghost/ghoul like creatures in dark gritty caves, chasing Hermes, having a ferocious duel with Cheetah.....and so on.....

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A God of War style WW game would sell like hotcakes.

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It could work but I think it should not just be a copy of God of War. People don't want to play the same game with a different skin. The story will be easy and a hack and slash a game is cool but it would need more. More aspects that defines Wonder Woman. Similar to how in Arkham City Batman wasn't just a crime fighter but also a detective. Wonder Woman being shown as just another mindless killing machine hacking everything she encounters is not the Wonder Woman I know. If strategy can be incorporated into the fighting then it will separate it from the GOW style of a hack and slash. It would be best if the game can have some originality.

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Yeah don't copy it..ADD ON IT >:D!!!. But something like this if done right and successful could potentially launch her out of just being popular by name and truly being on par with Superman and Batman. WW given her background of mythology would make her quite cool and epic. And given how much more accepting to playing as a girl is for guys in gaming when they're really powerful but still goodlooking is quite an advantage.

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made this awhile ago >.<

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Here's my image of the game I think the creative team of GOW should work in this. They seem to know what they're doing with hack and slash games.I different engine should be used than GOW, I want similiar to GOW but more lighter tone while still being edgy.

I don't think the story line should be based one the new 52 solo title but they can still take elements from it like WW's new costume.The story line should be new and get somebody who knows how to write her write the story.

The setting of the game should be on earth. Many cities are abandoned.The buildings are in rubble.The sky is orange and the moon is red with the color of blood. They are monsters about, gaint big monsters.It's up to WW to stop them.

The story may take between paradise island.It got overran by monsters.A beautiful island full of animals and green lush terrain got turn into dead forests and creepy monsters.

The island is pretty big and full of mysterious.There's hidden dungeons waiting to be explored.

Pretty much a gamer's impression of WW. If the person came across a WW video game.

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I'd be for it provided that she stays Wonder Woman, the gore isn't used past the point of necessity, and she doesn't turn into Kratos. Seriously, the guy's one of the most boring characters ever, I'd prefer it if Diana didn't get that treatment.

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I'd prefer an action RPG similar to Dragon Age or Neverwinter Nights. Wonder Woman doesn't just fight monsters, she is an ambassador and a peacemaker as well. They could really play up the politics of the gods and give you a lot of different choices in how you can resolve conflicts. There could be a faction system where you can align yourself with different gods or play the gods against each other.

The gameplay could be behind the shoulder third person action-adventure like Zelda or it could be isometric third person like Bastion.

Ideally, I'd pick either Chris Avellone (who wrote Planescape: Torment, KotoR 2, and Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer) or Amy Hennig (who wrote most of the Legacy of Kain games) to be the writer.

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I thought GOW was Gears of War.

Imagine the insanity that ran through my head as the page loaded.

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@KingofMadCows:@moywar700: i like d island scenario.... however i mainly picked the new 52 because i don't really want a free roaming disappointment like superman returns or a rpg styled game. This storyline seems to fit the tone, plus the gods would make for awesome bosses.. i think the new 52 ww is more of a fugitive then an ambassador... and i would prefer the game to be more hack and slash with cool action.... just seems more in tune with the new book(her solo title)

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