Wonder Woman Defends Steve Trevor In Court.

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Queen Hippolyta: “Greetings foreigner. Welcome to Themyicira. I am Queen Hippolyta. Queen of the Amazons. I trust your injuries, have healed sufficiently?” Steve: “Yes, Diana here, has been a most gracious nurse and if I may add host. I ́m still slightly confused by the whole situation here. But I must say I admire what I ́ve seen, the sights are charming and the women well...” Stops himself, seeing the disapproval of The Queen, Artemis and her advisors. “...All I ́m saying is, you ever decide to get in tourism, you could really corner the market in the stagdo industry...” nervous laughter, only Diana smiles at his imputence and awkward charm. “You know Stagdoes... Um Sorry!” bows his head back down. Queen Hippolyta: “Do your people...” Steve “...Americans.” Queen Hippolyta “Yes, the Americans. Do they know of our existence.” Steve “I assure you not...” Looks at Diana, she tries to encourage him to continue his polite campaign of innocence. “Your highness...” Bows twice, awkwardly to the Queen. Diana again can ́t help but snigger. “Are you sure that is true stranger? Could it not be that you are an agent of Ares, come to our peaceful Island to destroy or conquer us? As all men have.” The spectators in the court are energized by this suggestion, demonstrating their approval with cheers of verbal endorsement. The Queens line of questioning clearly pleases them. “We Amazons have only known men to be wicked, cruel and untrustworthy. Only one man has ever lived on this Island and he murdered our dear sister, now you come, and already you have brought fresh bloodshed to our isle.” Steve: “Are you kidding me? I was trying to save Diana ́s life. That man I shot was part of an army, slaughtering thousands of innocents. Men, women, children...” Queen Hipppolyta: “So you admit mans world, is still full of brutality and that women and even children have now become the victims of your savage nature.” Again, a great deal of applause. But then finally Diana having heard enough stands in for Steve.

Diana: “My Queen, I believe I know this man. We have discussed much about the workings of mans world as it exists now. I truly believe, nay, I know that he means us no harm. What ever magics are at work that allowed him to penetrate the barrier that hides us from mans world, he knows nothing of.” Artemis: “You see Queen it is as I said, Diana has been bewitched by this man!” Diana: “Bewitched by a man who saved my life, when he had no reason to...” Artemis: “You have no experience of mans savage and unruly heart Diana. It is what we have tried to protect you from, but perhaps we have done too fine a job, for now you are oblivious to their ways. They are sublimely wicked, deceitful, clever and cunning most of all. How are we to know saving your life was not part of a plan to gain our trust. Then infiltrate and spy on us.” Diana “But...” Queen “Diana that is enough from you child, Artemis is wellversed in the ways of man, you will heed to her wisdom.” Steve then interjects, angered by how they have dismissed Diana. “Hey lady, I don ́t care who you are or how you talk to me, but you don ́t talk to Diana like that. She ́s got more smarts than the whole lot of ya!” Diana: “Steve!” exclaims in dissapointment. Artemis: “Listen to me and listen clearly, don ́t ever address my Queen in such a manner

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again.” Steve: “Or what lady?” Artemis composes herself, as on Steve ́s face appears an arrogant grin. She responds with a cruel, sarcastic smile, approaching him. By the time she ́s come face to face with him, her smile is almost flirtatious, then as quick as a cat she back hand slaps him, before kicking him square in the balls. Diana, then gets between the two, separating them as Artemis tries to square off with him. “That ́s enough.” Queen Hippolyta: “Artemis!” Dissapproving. Steve, is on his knees coughing, under his breath, but clear enough to be heard over the now clamorous crowd. “So this is the peaceful, nonviolent ways you speak of.” Coughs again. Diana attends to him as Artemis backs off. Queen Hippolyta “I am sorry for Artemis ́ behavior. It is NOT the Amazon way. But the question still stands, why are you here?” Diana “Queen, the only way is for us to know for certain is for us to return him to his world and investigate how he discovered Themyscira.” One of the advisors. “Such a mission is far too dangerous for any Amazon to venture on alone. The best we can do is encarcerate him, maybe sometime languishing in our dungeons shall refresh his memory.” Queen Hippolyta ponders on this. But before she can decide on this course of action, Diana again interjects. “No I forbid it.” The Amazons respond to this with confusion, how can Diana forbid anything. The Queen and Artemis are also speechless. The Advisor “Was it not a man that condemned Clio - your heart, your sister – to bloody death? And yet you so ardently defend man.” Diana: “So did I suffer at our sisters loss. Did you all not witness me sink under the load of my despair? I sobbed and grieved and teared, in a time tragic enough to break the heart of a lion... But still my sister, we cannot condemn this man...” Advisor: “And one as studious as you. Have you not tirelessly consulted the history books, read through all the archives, all the accounts by our slaughtered sisters of mans evils? What do you have to say of our fallen sisters?” Diana: “Yes I have read the archives. And still I say we cannot and will not condemn this man.” Advisor Frustrated “Why my Princess?!! Why?” Diana “For we are Amazons. We Amazons were put here by the Gods, for our merciful hearts, for our peaceful ways. But now sisters if we do this... If we condemn an entire race, vindicating our actions on the sole basis of blind perjudice... take a mans freedom on account of the crimes of his ancestors... abuse our power, and propagate intolerance and hatred, we are no better than the violent world we hide ourselves from. This is not and shall never be the Amazon way... We Amazons should shine as a light, a beacon of justice, forever honest in heart, forever truthful in soul, forever merciful in action, forever inspiring to the world. This is my truth sisters. Imprison or harm this man; but only if you take my life first.” Steve: “No Diana don ́t! Don ́t worry about me!” Steve exclaims. Diana ignoring him, and, now addressing the crowd. “This man saved me, I owe to him my life. So sisters make your decision.” Whispers are heard ruminating about the crowd. Diana ́s stirring speech has moved the Amazons. “I believe the Princess speaks truth.”, “I don ́t know, but surely Diana would not lay down her life for a man, if her heart did not...” Etc. The Queen observes the commotion that this scene has inspired. Queen Hippolyta: “My daughter.” Steve: “Daughter?!” Surprised. “Your words are revelation. Yet, they are truths as immortal as the Amazons themselves. Sisters, Appolos bright light has impaired our now old and tired eyes. It is said by the wisest of our scholars that when old eyes become tired, it is left to the next generation to aid us with their clarity of vision. We must show this man mercy. The man... “Steve”... saved my daughters life, saved our daughters life, the first daughter of Themyscira... Her innocence as a babe, stirred the love of Aphrodite in all our hearts...” The crowd cheers in approval. “So it was that the infant Princess knew the care of a thousand mothers, and even more sisters, and do we not all now stand proud at the the purity and wisdom of the heart we ́ve collectively raised...” again cheers of approval. “Daughter, come to me... take my hand...” Diana does so, joining her on the Dias. “So it has come to pass that over millennia, the voices of the Gods have grown more distant as if Olympus itself has been swallowed by the clouds... with the Gods no longer here to advise us, we Amazons have had to choose our own path. I while not ageing in flesh, grow old in mind, It nears the time that my natural successor Diana take her place as Queen.” She smiles at Diana exceedingly proud. But Diana herself does not seem as happy with the decision. Does this mean another thousand years, a prisoner of paradise? (Pause) Diana: “And what shall happen with Steve Trevor?” Queen: “I think the words you spoke were most sagatious. We must discover how he found us? We will send the most able Amazon to escort Steve back to Patriachs world. There they will find out how he came to discover us. And since we may have been revealed, we ́ll need to send a suitable representative. If mans world has changed enough The Amazons to could seek some diplomatic relations with the outside world.” Diana “And how will this be decided?” Queen Hippolyta “According to ancient custom, apon such a perilous mission, it has been an Amazon tradition to have tournament. There will be a contest on the morrow. It shall determine which among the Amazons is most valiant, most fierce, and fit to take on the perilous journey into mans world. This Amazonian champion will serve as our embassador to the outside world if it is ready to finally accept our desire for freedom and sovereignty.” A look of cheer arises on Diana ́s face. Music to her ears. The possibility of escape. Is this the destiney she ́s felt tremblimling within her being. Could Diana win the contest and subsequently voyage to mans world? “Mother forgive me – but I wish to renounce my ascension to the crown – I wish instead to be included

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in this tournament.” Steve looks up enthused by this idea: “I ́d just like to say I ́m really supportive of that idea.” Artemis looks at him, and does a sign to cut his throat, but in a clandestine manner so The Queen and Diana don ́t notice. But Steve is very aware of the threat and once again bows his head, so as not to make eye contact.

Her mother ponders a second, she looks at Artemis, who has now become like second mother to Diana and both in unison. “NO!” Queen Hippolyta “I wish not to quarrel. The matter has been settled. You are not ready to face such dangers. You have never faced, nor seen combat, battle. Your training is not sufficient for such an dangerous mission...” Diana: “But...” Artemis: “You heard your mother. Please do not be insolent, so soon after demonstrating such great wisdom.” Queen Hippolyta: “You are soon to be Queen of The Amazons... That is enough; Diana show our visitor around the Island, advise him on our ways, teach him of our history, so that on return he can give nobel account of us... The court is now dismissed...” The Queen exits with her advisors before Diana can plead her case.

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jesus...i didnt read any of that explaines why no was commented on it i think...

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Um...what is this exactly?

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@wolverine08: @rulerofthisuniverse: @lifeofvibe: For the record, this is most likely an excerpt from the OP's script on his own Wonder Woman project. He's writing it as a way of showing how the 'true' Wonder Woman should be portrayed because of Azzarello's run having a controversial reception on these part of the forums.

I assume you're looking for feedback so here's my view. Whilst your script has some potential, the dialogue is massively ham fisted, the sequence is orchestrated in a cliche way with a traditional formula that has no uniqueness to distinguish it from other Wonder Woman origins. Unfortunately, the Amazons are written as far too lofty and Diana is way too naive here. With the exception of Steve, the characters aren't written anywhere near as compelling enough for the reader to actually care about them all. Finally, it's hard to follow your script because you've basically copied and pasted it from your document without separating out who says what. All in all, it's a bit of a mess that could use some refinement to distinguish it from the usual writing on this matter.

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@lvenger: True Wonder Woman = The Themyscirans holding a courtroom trial against Steve Trevor? How does that work? ...I have a sudden urge to read more of Azzarello's run...

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I can see this as a great script for a group of people that recently isolated itself to an island, but this script just doesn't jive with what one would logically expect of the Amazons or Diana. There is just no possible way that I'd expect Diana to be reacting the way she's being depicted; Artemis is close to what I'd expect of the Amazons, but still a bit too gentle and like the average woman. As one poster said, though, you did get Steve right, based on what we know of his history. You need to add a bit more malevolence to Hippolyta and the Amazons, with the understanding that they've isolated themselves there, because they've grown bitter, based on their own judgement in men, with relationships that went awry at some point; they'd be discussing all of their worst experiences with men, than painting men with a broad brush that leaves out any consideration of how their own choices could have contributed to their own problems; reminds me of one of the first episodes of Smallville where Kara was introduced and seduced the nerdy scientist to gain information; starting off, Kara had mistrust, got into trouble, got rescued by Clark, became humble, than mellowed out with Jimmy Olsen, wondering how things would turn out; the nerdy scientist was completely forgotten and no time was devoted to how the nerdy scientist got his feelings shredded, when he was left standing, and once he found out that he was simply used for information and made into a laughing stock. The episode centered around how Kara's feelings were regarding betrayal, but the nerdy scientist's feelings were not worth anything.

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thankyou all your comments have been really helpful honestly. i was worried about the scene.

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