Wonder Woman Armor: JL-17

#1 Posted by Press Oblivion (1656 posts) - - Show Bio

Found this one Newsarama, check out the Wonder Woman armor in the lower middle right.

#2 Posted by spinningbirdcake (1430 posts) - - Show Bio

Anti-lightning armor. Can't full the Justice League twice Ocean Master!!

#3 Posted by The_Tree (7946 posts) - - Show Bio

It kind of looks like her Flashpoint armor.

#4 Posted by drgnx (3566 posts) - - Show Bio

And Batman finally uses one of his robot suits in the JLA? Looks promising, hopefully them and Cyborg put on a good show.

#5 Edited by theOVOXO (94 posts) - - Show Bio

So why cant Supes go Sun Mode and Wony go God Mode to curb stomp the entire army?

Plus if she had the armor why didnt she wear have another in issue 8?

#6 Posted by Press Oblivion (1656 posts) - - Show Bio

Here's another look at that armor.

#7 Posted by SNascimento (442 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks interesting, not very heavy, which is fine by me. But the shoulder pads should be eagle heads.

#8 Posted by Press Oblivion (1656 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

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