Wonder Woman and the Amazons

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 Great article about Wonder Woman and the Amazons, don't let the title put you off, there are some really interesting points in there. http://www.fanzing.com/mag/fanzing27/feature3.shtml
Let me know what you guys think

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Well, Amazons and the women of the island od lesbos have nothing to do with each other. The amazons were under the protection of god Iolaus and the island os lesbos were women that killed men everytime one got there. 
The island of Themyscira is a mix of both tribes  and that brings to confussion.
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Yeh i found some of the points interesting, like how some of the Amazons ideals portray women in a negitive light, when they are suppose to be the most prominent ideal for strong women.    

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I think the idea of combining both tribes when they have nothing to do with each other was a wrong idea, maybe they thought that people would find the idea of having two different tribes of women that are completely different a bit confusing. This combination has been very negative for the image of the Amzons and of Wonder Woman herself, fans of the heroine don't know what to think of her and of the Amazons. Sometimes I don't know if the Amazons are on the right side or they have to be considered enemies. Remember "Amazons attack" there were comments of hate against men, cruelty and even racism. I think if we want to see a good wonder woman story we have to start by separating Amazons from women of Lesbos, and change Amazons' mind, at least, a little bit.

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