Wonder Woman 5 is UGLY

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Cant wait for Chiang to return, shame the art couldn't be consistent for the first couple of arcs at least.

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Damn Akins.

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The art is so terrible in that issue it's a very obvious change, It's one of the few times I know i could draw better than the comic artist

#9 Posted by Outside_85 (9994 posts) - - Show Bio

Glad he's only doing this issue so Chiang can rest his hands before bringing out more awesome :)

#10 Posted by Vance Astro (91367 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't see anything wrong with the art.

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Really, some of the proportions are awful. I just really liked Chiangs work so far and it seems a shame it's not going to be consistently awesome when it enevitably get traded.

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It was weaker than the previous stuff, but still I didnt feel it impacted my reading experience that much

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I hate when artist take a break on a series. They need to be grinned to the bone! I say delay the book instead of getting another artist.

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@Daveyo520 said:

I hate when artist take a break on a series. They need to be grinned to the bone! I say delay the book instead of getting another artist.

DC's current stance on books with the new 52 is basically "Get it in on time or get out".

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And given reaction to delayed books, they are really trying to hold them to those distribution deadlines. Looking back on the number of books that have suffered because of delays... not to mention the build-up of fanboy frustrations, convention complaints and series that even get outright cancelled as a result of delays... I'm glad that delays are no longer a natural part of the cycle.

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can anyone give me a scan of how she looks?

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It wasn't nearly as bad at you people are making it out to be.

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It looks slightly different but I don't think that it's ugly. It looks almost the same s Cliff because of the colors, but I really like Cliff art's much better and am excited for his return.

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It is awful! The way he draws Wonder Woman's face in more than a few panels is atrocious. It's like he's trying to ape Chiang's style, but fails miserably in the process. It was a big turn off in this issue.

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