Wonder Woman #15 question

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Quick question about this issue. I haven't read Wonder Woman yet for the New 52. I heard Orion is introduced in issue 15. Can I jump right into issue 15 or are there other issues I need to get in order to understand? Are there any MUST HAVE issues?

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@Nightflash: I think it is pretty easy to grasp from #15 onwards
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@RazzaTazz: Are there any issues that are spectacular and mindblowing that are recomended? The one that stands out the most so far. Oh and which issue does Wonder Woman get her powerup like the ability to fly and has many gods appear in it? Was it issue 12?

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@Nightflash: I can't really remember, all of the issues have been reviewed on the site :)
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If you're just in it for Orion, then you haven't missed anything, it is his first appearance in DC. Otherwise if you're looking to get into Wonder Woman, Issue 15 is not a good jumping on point. You won't get what's going on with Hera, Zola or Lennox and the other characters, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning.

If you don't take that advice, don't miss 2, 4, 7 or 12.

13,14 &15 are impossibly slow.

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@Nightflash: I recommend starting at the very beginning. I jumped in at issue 9 and was confused more than I ever was in my life. The series continues to build upon itself. So, start with 1 and move forward.


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