Wonder Woman #12 & Batwoman #12 more insight into Diana -Spoilers

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Make sure to pick up Batwoman #14, Diana is AWESOME in it. We learn a bit more about her...

  • Right at the get go (the first sentence )we learn she is not a lesbian or as she puts it, she is not a "sister of Sappho"
  • She hacks through several human agents of Medusa & we learn what Clark, Batman & Aquaman would think of what she is doing. I found it interesting that she only refers to Superman by his street name. Does she not know Bruce Wayne is Batman?

While in Wonder Woman #12

  • We see her fly for the first time thanks to Hermes. I hope this was not a one time thing.
  • We also get to see she can kick some Godly ass!
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Based on what Kate said in Batwoman # 12, Wonder Woman should not have a bad showing as she basically says Medusa is out of her (Batwoman) league, while WW and Greek myth go hand in hand

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She didn't fly cuz of the feather, it sped her up

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@jointron33: i thought the same,but it'd be goo to see her use super speed,we still have to wait to see how fast she is the new 52.

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@Goldenboy_Prime: that's good to know,medusa should be powerful,so it can help to show how powerful wonder woman is right now,since wonder woman's power level seems to keep getting higher as the time goes by,so this comic can be a good time to keep developing her power,that's the only thing they need to do,the art is very good,and it seems an interesting story.

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: Yeah I've enjoyed the story for the most part, though some books dragged more than others. My approach is to take the new 52 for what it is.

Wasn't it originally (preFlashpoint) said that each of the gods blessed her with a gift (ie Hermes speed/flight, Aphrodite beauty, etc)? So wouldn't that sort of pay homage to parts of her original origin in a sense?

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@jointron33 said:

She didn't fly cuz of the feather, it sped her up

Ihave to disagree...

My evidence;

  • She is flying on the cover
  • After the feather pricks her we see her feet off the ground in the next panel & then Hera & Strife looked shocked to see her flying
  • We have yet to see her fly in her own comic
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@Goldenboy_Prime: i don't know,now she is a semi-goddess,so if she still has all her powers,super strength,super speed,durability,etc,all those powers will come from zeus and not from the other gods,like it was before the new 52,and we still don't know if being a semi-goddess means that now she will be more powerful than before the new 52,i hope the writters develop her power level and story properly,and don't fall into inconsistencies,because i don't like PIS.

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The power increase (when she was glowing) was due to her taking off the bracelets and releasing her true Amazonian power, right?

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@supermanprime6: that is what it seems,maybe she can release all her god like powe(being zeus's daugther)by taking off her bracelets,but it would be better if she can use all that power without taking her bracelets off,because we already saw something like that in the golden age,when she could take her bracelets off to become much stronger,she shouldn't be limited by the bracelets,that is lame for this generation,now that she is a semi-goddess,she should be able to use all her god like power without having to take off her bracelets.

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@gokuwarrior: Yeah, I think she should be able to power up without taking them off too, but it does serve as a good plot device. I think Azzarello included it more for the symbolism of her character being unshackled from her old origins, the sexist notion that women are inferior to men in comics, and to show that although she was sired by a god, she doesn't serve them. Plus, it showed her self control because part of the golden age tale was that amazonians would go into a blind rage if they took them off, and she kept her focus.

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@supermanprime6: that's true,it does serve as a good plot,at least for now,but for future issues,it'd be great if she gets to a point where she can power up without taking the bracelets off,and that we can see her doing that in her title and in other comics too,that'd be great.

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@gokuwarrior: For real! That would have been awesome in the battle against Darkseid. I really hope they show her powering up in her other books as well. I loved how her glowing showed all the detail in her costume. Since the reboot, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are my two favorite heroes. I never thought I'd say that in my lifetime.

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@supermanprime6: yes,i hope to see her powering up whenever she wants to,and without having to take off her bracelets,itd be really good to see her developing her power more as the time goes by.

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