Why was the new Wonder Woman tv series shelved?

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I had heard that a new WW television series was in the works, but then I heard the project got cancelled. I wonder what happened?

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It sucked

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It was gonna be terrible and everyone knew it.

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Its pretty typical with pilots for tv shows

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The pilot wasn't very good.

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I hope they at least the sense to recycle from what they paid for already and work out something with it. Wonder Woman is overdue. Though WB has shelved many DC related projects, very big ones over the years so in retrospect this isn't even abnormal. I liked getting to see the costume at least.

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It was really bad. Wonder Woman has crazy mood swings. She acts like an insane sociopath. She tortures, threatens, and even kills people without good reason or even evidence that the person is bad. The villain was just so obviously evil. Even though Wonder Woman has absolutely no evidence that the villain is evil, the villain still acts completely evil.

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It made small children cry

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You can find the pilot online pretty easily now, you should see for yourself.

Be warned... it's a trainwreck of EPIC proportions.

Still I advise everyone to see it, just for the sheer scale of fail involved.

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That would be because it was horrible.

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Because this cat doesn't look like sylvester at all.

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Here's a comedy review of the entire pilot: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/nash/specials/33934-wonder-woman-2011

It's one of the worst things to have ever been created.

If you want to skip straight past the set-up for the review and get to the show then go to 4:20 in the video.

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Because Olivia Munn couldn't get the part so they had to cancel it .

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@KingofMadCows said:

It was really bad. Wonder Woman has crazy mood swings. She acts like an insane sociopath. She tortures, threatens, and even kills people without good reason or even evidence that the person is bad. The villain was just so obviously evil. Even though Wonder Woman has absolutely no evidence that the villain is evil, the villain still acts completely evil.

THIS. It wasnt just really bad. It was like one of the worst possible outcomes of a WW tv show. It was terrible, horrendous and crappy.That's why it was aborted

I was expecting more from a DC related series after SV and the Aquaman pilot

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It was not as good as they expected it to be. So, they did not pick up the pilot episode.

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It wasn't Wonder Woman.

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Just give her a cartoon and be done with it

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

Just give her a cartoon and be done with it
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There was more attention paid to her wardrobe than the script!

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Definitely check out the link supplied by Baron.

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@CarolStrick: Where is the link?

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It was in Baron's post: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/nash/specials/33934-wonder-woman-2011

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Want the REAL reason why it was not picked up?

Warner Bros approched David E Kelley to write a script for wonder woman. Since David E Kelley is known for Alley McBeil and other controversial characterizations of Women, the news of Mr. Kelley doing a script for Wonder Woman was big news in comic book circles and was perceived as a huge negative from the strong internet based wonder woman comicbook community and the aging Lynda Carter purist.

As a MAJOR DC comicbook superhero owned by Warner Bros Wonder Woman comes with a HUGE licensing fee. If any network wants to air the show they would have to pay the licensing fee. (pretty much the same reason Smallville has so many restrictions to avoid the licencing fee or have it reduced)

After finishing the script David E Kelley and Warner Bros began shopping the script around to networks. All but NBC rejected. At the time NBC was in transition to new ownership and a new CEO. They where and probably still are the lowest rated TV station so they needed a big hit and a big name to revitalize them. So they decided to give the script a shot and ordered it

At this point NBC was in a make or break situation. In one hand they had a potential HUGE hit. In the other a HUGE financial burden if the show failed to impress and they paid the dreaded licencing fee for Wonder Woman. Confronted with this dilema the DAVID E Kelley script was purposly leaked by NBC to a few comic book freindly online news blogs and organizations.

Directly comparing the TV show with the Comics with complete disregard to any entertainment value it may have, these online news organizations and professional blogs summarily ripped the script as not being worthy of even being in the same plane of existance as our universe much less on television with regard to the real Wonder Woman. Readers acting as sheep soon followed suit in the complaints without having read the script themselves.

The Script was revised, as most first draft scripts are, and the un aired pilot was made. Even though the the revised script which was purposly leaked by NBC again, got better reviews, the comic book internet fans where already in MOB MENTALITY because of the first script and where unwilling or incapable of judge anything for themselves especially after the first leaked screens and photos of the shoot were appearing online and the internet blogs and news sites made there comments.

Soon after the whole un-aired pilot was leaked by NBC to the online new blogs. This time they did not pan it completely but suggested that the depiction of Wonder Woman was wrong. However, some actually enjoyed it. Unfortunatly, the online MOB MENTALITY of comic book fans and Lynda Carter purist could not even comprehend any type of logical thought "This is not MY Wonder Woman they SCREAMED" after looking at 20 second to 2 minute clips of an unfinished unaired pilot of a show that was designed to last at-least 3 season (FACEPALM). The practice of out doing there fellow comicbook fans and Lynda Carter Purists with new and witty ways to trash a pilot was much more important than any rational thought about how the story could potentially play out during the course of the first season.The online blogs and news websites could careless as long as the posts kept flowing on there websites increasing there potential for profit

So why did NBC decide to leak the original script the revised script and the pilot?

because the very large some of money that NBC would have to pay for Wonder Woman only comes into effect if the pilot was televised. By leaking the scripts and pilot they get the feedback they need so they can basically go throught the process of making the show and airing it (LEAK) without paying the licencing FEE!

So basically NBC hedged its bet in the Wonder Woman and won. They saved a TON of money. They also pretty much sealed the FATE of any Wonder Woman TV show Cartoon and probably Movie hopes.

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I don't know. Has the whole world gone insane?

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