Why hasn't DC made a Wonderboy for Wonder Woman yet?

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I'm writing a story about a superhero who obviously is Wonderboy, the first male progeny of Wonder Woman. I'd like to know what others think about the concept in general. Is it a good idea, bad idea or however you feel about it. I think that DC should make more progeny's for female heroes. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Zatara and he wasn't really that popular... so what do you think?
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Well amazon heritage and male simply does not work in my opinion. By the way Zatara came before Zatanna I beleive.

#3 Posted by Wonderboy52 (36 posts) - - Show Bio

I was talking about her younger cousin, not her father.
#4 Posted by azza04 (1764 posts) - - Show Bio

DC doesn't really need another powerhouse.

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Yeah and Wonder Woman isn't that popular. Extending her "family" more wouldn't necessarily a good thing.

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If Batman and Superman have female supporting characters...then why can't WW have a male supporting character?

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DC hasn't made one, but Marvel has and his name is...Wonder man! :)

#8 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

@Primmaster64 said:

If Batman and Superman have female supporting characters...then why can't WW have a male supporting character?

steve trevor?

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As Amazonian are an all female nation? how would that work? If Wonder Woman is all about the girl power wouldn't adding in a male take something away from that?

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Depends on how the character was done I suppose, but I doubt we'll ever see the day. Introducing a male sidekick/supporting hero to wonder woman would have to many fans irked I'm sure.

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@lsumd2011: Yeah, fans nearly have a conniption when an artist messes with her costume.O_o

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It would need to be well done and intresting along with in charecter for all involved. I think wonder womans male sidekick should bes like her brother or something Kid Zeus

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They did. His name was Achilles. Not the original Achilles, though.

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All very valid points but I'm going to keep hope alive in my heart and hope someday they do it.
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I think it would be a good idea. There was an all male race of 'Amazons' called the Gregaraeans. They could use them.

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Boy_%28comics%29 check this its Wonder boy

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Robin is already called the "boy wonder." Hey wait, that's is the perfect solution for the Red Robin name problem (at least, I think it's a problem), call him Wonder Boy! Why the hell not?

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Isn't there already this guy? Olympian aka Achilles. Though he's more of a male counter-part.

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While it'd be an interesting role reversal, WW isn't popular enough to justify it.

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Would it be worthwhile to have Wonder Boy when DC already has a famous Boy Wonder?  I do think the story of Diana having a child is a potentially good one, but it would have to be in the right hands.  

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they dont need one lol too corny itll b like another marvel family we all know thats terrible

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