Why does animate WW seem to be weaker then Comic WW

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Is it just me or does it seem like they power WW down when they animate her like in JL, JLU and YJ and the new DC movies. She seems more powerful in the comics.

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Because animated Superman is weaker. If Superman's power scale slides back, everyone else scales back as a result.

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@ThanosIsMad: Except Batman's, he actully dodged the omega beams in that show.

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Because it's easir to make a show where its characters can't move 1/3 of the Earth.

It's not just Wonder Woman, it's everybody. Darkseid and a lot of powerful members of the Justice League died in an explosion of a space station (in an alternate timeline).

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@wonderW: wonder woman is much more powerful in the comics,and it happens the same with all the powerhouses,the main reason is that JL cartoon is meant to be suitable for all ages,so they can't have characters showing feats like they do in comics,because a kid show can't have too violence,and it's easeier for the writers to make stories with all the characters as a group if there aren't so disproportionate power levels between the characters.

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Everyone is always weaker in an animated version.

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All animated characters are weaker than their comic counterparts. Have you see Superman in the JL series?

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because Bruce Timm wants to marry Batman

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@jointron33: What?

#10 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

@lilben42: Yes, he dodged the omega beams.

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@DarkKnightDetective: I know but Batman really didn't have alot of good showings against superhumans. I would say Bruce Timm got him perfect.

#12 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

@lilben42: Still...

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@DarkKnightDetective: And I don't think his omega beams were undodgeable in the show. Suoerman dodged it too in Twilight.

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because if WW or supes could be their absolute best comic form then it would a 2 min show/movie: after opening credits villain appears , supes takes him out since he is unstoppable , end credits . they have to weaken the characters so it looks like the hero might not make it and it stays exciting

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

@lilben42: Yes, he dodged the omega beams.

Darkseid is a massive Batman fan

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@SoA: they could do animated shows and moving showing the characters as powerful as they are in the comics,they just need to respect the standards,and use the proper villans,there are many villans powerful enough to figh superman and wonder woman in the comics,they have enough characters that can give them a run for their money,but when it comes to cartoons,they have to be suitable for all ages,so they need to put a limit to the violence that they show.

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@gokuwarrior: as much as i like characters like despero or darkseid , how many villains like that could they go through before it seems like they ran out of ideas? i do not mean to bash on fans of OP characters like supes or any character who can seemingly can not be stopped but this is why those characters were either weakened or do not have their own show . it can be very hard to write for them.

if they were able to use the silver age superman they could pull it off, plenty of enemies some recurring, minimal violence and those stories lasted what 20-25 years ? i understand when a fan wants to see their characters in the spotlight and get tired of the same thing over and over again (batman lol) but ot create a format for a show/movie/etc that can work and has little to no foreseeable issues of problems is very very difficult.

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@SoA: it wouldn't be hard to have an animated series where the characters are as powerful as in the comics,there are a lot of villans to give the big powerhouses a run for their money,darksied,doomsday,ares,circe and other gods,siniestro,brainiac,black adam,despero,cosmic beings,avatars,aliens etc,so they won't go out of ideas,and not all the stories will be the same,like there is the villan,fight.....,end,not all the stories have to be like that,and they can also create new villans,and characters like luthor can always be a trouble without having to fight directly,he can make an aliance with powerful beings,manipulate the wire from the shadows,there are a lot of posibilities.

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