Why do fans hold Pre-Crisis stories such high regard?

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I've noticed a certain sentiment among some Wonder Woman fans that by George Perez. ya know, actually making the character's book good as opposed to vomit inducing, it ruined the characters mythology. Um......how is an improvement to inhuman dreck equal to ruin? The Golden Age stories are just weird, with the stories basically being "child appropriate" versions of the creator's bedroom freakshows. The fetishism/pure acid trip nature is almost scary, making the books come off as self-tijauana bibles. The silver age stories were just awful, with "great" stories and characters like the ever so racist Egg Fu........who in their right mind would defend this crap?

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golden age is 1941 to 1986. If your talking about murston than it's becaus she was the female hero during the 1941. Her stories were more interesting. Perez is post crisis. Never pre crisis.

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Correct 1941 to 1950 golden age 1950 to 1970 silver age 1970 to 1985 its the comic code that screw her over in 1950 to 1970

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i kno perez is post crisis

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