Who the hell is Artemis?

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I'm really trying to get into the whole Wonder Woman mythos, and I'm really confused about Artemis. I'm currently reading the "Wonder Woman Odyssey" trade back, fantastic by the way, and Artemis is trying to hunt down and kill Diana? I remember that Artemis briefly took over the role of Wonder Woman and I thought she was one of Diana's greatest allies. :/ This Artemis isn't the Greek deity who helped give Wonder Woman her powers is it?? Because that would be confusing as hell... Also, I know the blonde archer "Artemis" from the young justice series has the same name, but she has nothing to do with WW, right?

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Artemis is pretty much just a friend, however extremely skilled compared to other Amazons.

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The Artemis in the Odyssey arc is nothing like her Volume 2 self. That was sort of an alternate-ish universe story. In volume 2 she is part of the Bana-Mighdall Amazons. Eventually those two groups of Amazons share Paradise Island (long story) and Artemis becomes one of Diana's best allies. Diana actually goes to hell to rescue her in Artemis: Requiem.

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looks like you answered all of your own questions

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3 Artemis

1 god of hunt

2 Artemis Amazon

3 from YJ

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1. The Greek Goddess of the hunt

2. the amazonian friend and rival of Diana who once replaced her as Wonder Woman

3.the apokilyptian female fury

4. Artemis Crock aka the Tigress- a heroine and former protege of Green Arrow in Young Justice/Hawkman villain in the mainstream

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Artemis looked good in the WW costume.

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@Pokeysteve: Thanks so much!

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@StayclassyMarvel said:

@Pokeysteve: Thanks so much!

Lol you're welcome. She's an awesome character.

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