Who could beat her?

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Only in a H2H battle without the usae of any other power like strength or speed, what other female comic character could defeat her?

my vote:


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Jakita Wagner

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Few super heroes and villains could do that:

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Hmm...Could Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk?

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I dindn't quite understand what powers are ruled out (??)
But anyway, Titania could, although i think she's dead. Huuuh...  how about Lady Death?

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@sampasing: Does she enjoy getting spanked? i remember something about her and ropes
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1. Superman with power alone.
2. Batman with his high powered weapons and intelligence.

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u guys are missing the point
Wonder Woman H2H is not matched by many other female characters
my goal was to see what female character could beat her just in H2H
without the use of any super-powers
just fighting skill

why some put in Batman or Superman is beyond me

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a female version of silver surfer

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black canary

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Big Barda
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@pentagram said:
" a female version of silver surfer "

what hasn't the power cosmic done ?
the silver sex change

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hmm Wonder Woman is the strongest super-heroine! so i think its really hard for anyone to beat her! she is an amazon fighter! people!! and if you havent seen Justice League Unlimted,, there is one show that shows when she beats every other Super Heroine on Justice League :)
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I think Cheshire could beat her with her poison nails!!! : )

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@BoOMbOoMpOw: God Killer
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I just have to throw this out there for anyone who takes the character a bit too seriously...
Wonder Woman's creator lived vicariously through the characters he wrote by putting them in his own, perverse sexual fantasies which he actually believed would bring about World Peace if everyone subscribed to his train of thought; that being if all men allowed themselves to be dominated by women, everything would be A-OK. Seriously and honestly, THAT was the original goal of Wonder Woman: Spreading the message of Love & Peace by tying you up and spanking you.
Now that you mention it, he might've been on to something...

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@BoOMbOoMpOw said:
" I think Cheshire could beat her with her poison nails!!! : )
without super powers !!!!!!!
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Upps!!!! but she could beat her with her unarmed combat haha!!!!

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In a hand to hand combat situation without the use of any powers I'd say one of the few female heroes or villains who could take her in a fight would be Storm. Like Wonder Woman, Storm also was stripped of her powers at one point and was forced to defend herself against super powered mutants through hand to hand combat.  Storm is not only an excellent fighter, but she's one of the few women comic characters with the same build as Wonder Woman (e.g. according to their stats both are roughly the same height 5'11-6' and weight). Another character who might be able to take her, even if both of them have their powers stripped away, might be Mystique.  While Mystique often uses her shape-shifting powers to throw an opponent off, when it gets down to it, she's a damn good fighter when she's in her own form. 

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