What makes Wonder Woman wonderful to you?

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hmm i love everything about her but i choose A she is a the face of female heroism and her story
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I like all of those except E she is a good hero

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@WW-Fan said:
"hmm i love everything about her but i choose A she is a the face of female heroism i think and her story "
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I'm not really crazy about any of those answers. I don't really read comics much, but she's probably my favorite in the animated stuff she's been in. It seems to me that there are two Superhero extremes. Batman's on the one end, who has no powers, but is a tactical genius, and master martial artist. Then on the other extreme, there's superman, who could punch out the moon. And when you're that powerful, you don't exactly need a lot of moves. I think both of them are great, but Wonder Woman is my favorite, because she's somewhere in the middle. I think that makes for the best superhero fights, since she's got nice moves, she's good with weapons, and she could still pick up a tank and throw it at you.  
Plus, she's totally original. You don't see a Marvel equivelent of an ancient greek chick who blocks bullets with bling (like some kind of epic, bullet Jedi), and has a lasso that makes people tell the truth (when she's not kicking ass with it, which from what I can tell, is about 98% of the time), with a plane that's invisible. Which is like, WTF? But who cares, because it's totally METAL  \m/. 
In short, if there was a "she kicks ass" option, I would have picked that.
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I feel she is by far the best representation of the classic superheroine: beautiful, strong, and courageous. More so than Power Girl, who is only recognized for her DDD's.
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I'd say her body is pretty wonderful, other then that she's a female version of superman and I just don't like superman.

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The first choice.

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