What issue should i jump on on this series?

#1 Posted by brewski420 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

I've decided to give Wonder Woman a try, but i don't know where to start. I was thinking of picking up issue 8 to start. Is that the beginning of the arc or...?

#2 Posted by kitsokk (83 posts) - - Show Bio

Start at issue 1 u will be a bit confused without it.

#3 Posted by TheOptimist (740 posts) - - Show Bio

You can jump on with issue 7/8, with a little info and guidance... if you pick those up and then wait a month, Volume 1 collecting the story so far will be released in June.

#4 Posted by brewski420 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks guys. I'll start with issue 8

#5 Posted by RyuHayabusa (2039 posts) - - Show Bio

@brewski420: Would be better if you start with #7.

You would be completely lost if you pick up issue #8 without reading #7

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