What instrument would wonder woman play?

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What it be interesting if wonder woman brought a magical instrument with her during her adventures. What instrument would best suit her? What it be an ocarina or a harp? What would it be?

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The flute.

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The Flute.

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I agree with the flute, it was invented in Greece and acctually has a back story linked to Athena "Goddess of Wisdom". She invented it, but since she had to expand her cheeks to play it "she had issues with that apparently" she cast the instrument to Greece.

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Golden Age Wonder Woman: The Harp 
Non GA Wonder Woman: The Flute

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Pan pipes and the Lute are also fairly prominent in Greek Mythology...I could see her with either, depending on which God she would be most emulating.

Or the flute of course, for reasons already mentioned.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

The flute.

yeah the flute

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@BlackArmor said:

@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

The flute.

yeah the flute

yes, the flute

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@moywar700 said:

@BlackArmor said:

@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

The flute.

yeah the flute

yes, the flute

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the electric lyre

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The flugelhorn

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castanets or the triangle

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Steve Trevor.

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a lyre or pan flute. she is greek right

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@RyuHayabusa said:

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She can play my instrument anyday.
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The Harp

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