What If Wonder Woman had the Power of Invisibility?

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Wonder Woman has caught flack for having powers that are too reminiscent of Superman's powers. I think that this is wrong but probably due to the fact that her main powers are flight and strength. Often, to further separate the two, Wonder Woman is shown as non-flying while Superman can fly. I think that she wasn't intended to fly in the DCnU for this reason originally, but due to fan complaints, Wonder Woman was finally shown to have the ability to fly.

If taking away Diana's powers is not the answer, then perhaps giving her one is. I know that people will disagree with me because she's already such a great character, and that's okay, but I think that it would be cool if she had an invisibility power. Originally, I thought maybe she could have a lightning power since she's the daughter of Zeus, but lightning is too associated with Flash. On the other hand, some Greek heroes had the power of invisibility and Wonder Woman is already associated with an invisible jet--so why not give Wonder Woman the power to turn invisible herself?

Just thinking outloud...

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Invisibility is not Wonder Woman's thing. Her weapons can do so much but most of writers have no idea about it.

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@Superdork: @RyuHayabusa:

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@Rumble Man: ?

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@RyuHayabusa: she always did have that "invisible" plane back in the olden days

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I don't think that giving her powers is a smart idea. She was very original from the moment of her creation when William Moulton Marston gave us the Greek God background. I know a lot of people say that she is so similar to Superman, but when you really dive into the character, you'll see that she is very different.

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@Rumble Man said:

@RyuHayabusa: she always did have that "invisible" plane back in the olden days

Invisible plane was one worst things. Invisibility is not her thing.

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Just make her herself again, fuck im so sick of the changes! They delusional or something? Changing everything, thinking its better that way? Hahaha stupid ass writers.

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@TAneT62: I know I've only joined recently, but you should probably censor yourself otherwise a mod may tell you off.

Anyway@Superdork: I don't think that would be a good idea. She already has a great powerset and is a very skilled fighter. Writers should make the most of what Diana has to offer, (which sadly most writers have not). If she were from another group that were stealthy (Eg; Hashasins), then yes. However she is an Amazon! She is a fighter and is probably the firercest ot of the DC trinity. Leave skulking around in the shadows to Batman.

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@Shutdown: Yea true lol

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The writers just have to use more of what she has. Like the lasso

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